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Child obesity is a serious problem that has reached epidemic proportions. There are several causes for childhood obesity. Some of them are as follows:

High fat low nutrient diet

Inactive or sedentary lifestyle

Liberalization and globalization leading to changes in food patterns among children

Apart from the above important causes genetic factors may also causes of child obesity. If one or both the parents of the child are obese the child will also beobese. Children also spend too much time in front of the TV and computer playing games which might lead to or trigger obesity. Parents must force children to take part in an active outdoor sport like tennis or cricket which will enable them to be active and burn the calories. Lack of physical fitness programs in school is also a cause for child obesity because children spend a lot of time at schools only. Children must be encouraged to walk short distances and take the stairs instead of the elevator to keep up the active lifestyle. This is one of the best childhood obesity prevention.

Children must be taught the dangers of overeating that may lead to type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other concerns. If children so not burn the calories they eat it gets deposited as fat leading to obesity. Calorie charts must be put up in the kitchen to know how much children are eating per day. Parents must also follow healthy eating habits so that it becomes easy for children who take parents as role models. Parents must limit their TV watching time and encourage them in their weight loss programs. The children should not be encouraged by the eating pattern of the westerners and must avoid fatty stuffs like burgers, pizzas etc. An active lifestyle and healthy eating habits itself will go a long way in rooting out the malady of childhood obesity treatment.


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