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Obesity has become a major health problem even incase of children who are of a very tender age. A majority of the children from the developing countries like USA, Australia, etc are becoming the victims of this obesity. The obesity rate among the children is increasing year by year. A survey has shown that obesity among the children has almost doubled in the past three decades. Another survey has showed that these obese kids will become obese adults. Generally people believe that kids who are obese lose all the extra fat as they grow old. But this is not the case. This survey has showed that most of the obese adults were also obese in their childhood. So, this shows that childhood obesity and adult obesity are very closely related. It is also true in case of people with normal weights. Healthy children with well balanced and proportionate weight grow up into health adults.

What is childhood obesity and what are the reasons for its causal?

Obesity is nothing but extra fat in the body. This fat gets deposited when a person eats more and spends fewer calories. Obesity is a problem that is generally seen in adults. But several studies have shown that obesity is also affecting infants. Obesity seen in children is termed as childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is because of two main reasons. One being consuming calorie rich food and other is less or no physical activity. Kids of today’s generation spend most of the time in front of TV’s and computers. There are very few kids who take part in the sports. Most of them are prevented from playing outdoors by their parents thinking that they will get hurt. Such kids hardly spend any calories and all these calories get deposited in the body as fat. And other main reason is consuming fast foods. Fast foods have absolutely no nutritious value but have very high amounts of calories. Parents of such kids who are busy most of the time with their respective careers overlook these matters. Instead they spoil their kids by giving them more pocket money.

What is the relationship between child obesity and adult obesity?

Children who are obese will also become obese adults. This was proved with the help of a survey. The main aim of this survey is to study several obese patients. 8 out of 10 obese patients were found out to be obese even in their childhood. Others have become obese because of other health problems. This clearly indicates the relationship between child and adult obesity. If this relationship between child and adult obesity is clearly understood then it can help in curbing obesity at a younger age itself. If the child is prevented from becoming obese then there are very few chances of him becoming obese after growing up. This way he will lead a healthy life.

What does the relationship between child and adult obesity depict?

This relationship between child and adult obesity depicts that parents should prevent their kids from getting obese. They should take appropriate measures to maintain the weight of their kids. First thing that has to be done is to decide a diet program that will help in preventing the child from putting on weight. This diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables that are highly nutritious. Intake of high calorie foods like burgers, diet cokes and fried foods by the children is a strict no-no. Small frequent meals which contain fewer calories must be a part of this child and adult obesity diet plan. Parents should be aware of the food portion sizes that are consumed by the kids. It is also necessary to make sure that the child consumes more amounts of water every day. Consulting a dietician in this regard is advisable. They should make sure that their child takes part in all kinds of physical activities. Physical activities like Brisk walking, Swimming, Aerobic Dancing, Playing outdoor games, Jogging, Bicycling, Racquetball, Rock climbing are very effective in burning the extra fat in the body. This would help in shedding all the extra weight gained previously. Preventing children from participating in sedentary activities like watching TV, playing video games or sitting in front of the personal computer is also a must.


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