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One common problem that all the parents are worrying about is their kid getting obese. The steep increase in the obesity rate has alerted a majority of the population against obesity. With more and more kids getting obese every year, parents have started taking preventive measures to prevent obesity. To help out people in this process a special chart was created that would help in determining the proportionality of the kid’s weight according to his height. This special chart is called child obesity chart.

Why are children getting obese?

A majority of the younger generation is getting obese because of the unhealthy food habits and life style that includes almost no physical activity. Intake of high calorie foods like burgers, diet cokes and fried foods by the younger generation is responsible for this steep rise in the obesity rate. Another main reason for this sudden increased rate is less physical activity. 8 out of 10 kids have found out to spend most of the time playing games in their costly cum highly configured gadgets and personal computers. Very few are found to be interested in the outdoor sports. Because of the less physical activity no attempt is made by the body to burn all those extra calories that are consumed. As a result all these calories get deposited in the body as fat which will ultimately lead to obesity. Fast foods and no physical activity are the two main culprits behind obesity in case of young children. Another possible reason is heredity. A child may become obese if it is there in his genetic make up.

What is a child obesity chart?

A child obesity chart is a specially designed chart that would help in determining the proportionality between the weight and height of the kid. This can help in determining if the kid is obese or has got chances of becoming obese in the near future. The details of the weight and the height of the kid are taken by the doctor at an interval of 4 to 5 months. These details are recorded in the child obesity chart and are compared to determine the proportionality. This chart can guide parents for maintaining the weight of their kids.

How can child obesity chart help in controlling the weight of a kid?

It is not possible to become obese in a single day. A parent can easily sense if his kid is becoming obese. So, if a parent can identify that his kid is putting on weight then he can take appropriate measures to stop his kid from getting obese. This child obesity chart can help in this sensing process. If the chart shows that the kid’s weight is more than the required proportionate weight then the parents can modify their kid’s daily regime by including good diet and more physical activities. For this, the parents should make sure that the kids details are taken by their family doctor once in every three months. This chart can be maintained at home also. This can be done with the help of a family doctor. Any abnormality in the weight will be depicted by the chart. This can help in taking necessary action.

What effects do these charts have on the kid?

These child obesity charts are highly advantageous in maintaining the weight of the children. But one major cause of childhood obesity is that they have a major effect on the child’s psychology. These charts may create a negative consciousness about the weight in the kid. Most of the kids become depressed if they come to know that they are over weight. They tend to feel isolated from their friends. Emphasizing on the weight issues may make the kid consider himself as abnormal. They get worries even with the slightest increase in the weight. A child may come under this mental stress. Such stresses affect the health of the kid. Parents and at the same time children must guided well in the process of maintaining a proper weight. Pressures must not be put on the children in this regard. It is always advisable not to reveal the details of these charts to the kids. This way the child will not know even if he is overweight. Instead parents should take the pains and must guide the child in a right way to maintain the correct weight.


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