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Alarming rate of Child Obesity in America    

With changing times, a change has come about in life style of people. These are times of plenty when people in America do not have to fret over their next meal. This abundance has brought in a malaise that is threatening the future Americans like never before. It is not about war, it is not about terrorism, it is not about global warming and certainly not about rising fuel prices. It is about health of Americans, especially children. Easy availability of unhealthy food products has brought an unheard of phenomenon into American society in the form of Obesity.

A large cross section of society is feeling the onslaught of this phenomenon in the form of health problems for children. For many years, Obesity has remained a topic related to adults and has been dealt with accordingly. Lately, children with unchecked eating habits have become obese and have started facing health problems often associated with adults. Most of adults realize problems associated with obesity and remedy these through weight loss programs, dieting or by going to gym. However, in case of children, level of understanding the problem is not very high leading to children taking obesity lightly and suffering in the long run. The rise of obesity in America has become a major health concern. To bring the matters to head, researchers report that even toddlers are showing growing signs of obesity indicating to a deeper problem than is understood.

Child Obesity and Health Problems

Excess fat in human body is precursor to a number of health problems. It is greatly pronounced in case of children who are not yet primed to take on dangers associated with obesity. Immune system is not fully developed and body's capacity to break down sugars is not optimum. As a result, the greatest danger posed by obesity is seen in the form of diabetes. Known as Juvenile Onset Diabetes, it is a result of body's inability to produce insulin at levels commensurate with consumption of sugars.

Even with adults diabetes can be a life threatening affliction. In case of children, the danger is amplified manifold due to lower levels of immunity development. In its simplest form, excess sugar in blood is the reason for diabetes and it will choke the arteries. All the excess sugar in the blood gets accumulated alongside the walls of arteries leading to their choking. This ultimately leads to cardio-vascular problems.

Once there is excess sugar in the blood, it is a cause for a vicious cycle of problems which include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney failure, as well as an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. Anybody who thinks that it is a passing phase could be the Ostrich trying to avoid danger. Obesity in America is increasing at an alarming rate and is more likely to be a national disaster sooner than later.

Child Obesity in America Is Changing the Economic Outlook

Due to ever increasing number of children facing problems related with obesity, a whole new industry has sprung in the form of wellness industry. This is required also as obese children suffering from related complications require extensive medical care. These problems are compounded with age. Starting from reduction in school attendance to increasing medical bills in adulthood, obesity in children is creating a whole new economy on its own.

This is a serious challenge and needs to be recognised as such. Sick children of today are going to even sicker adults of tomorrow incapable of handling the onerous task of nation building. There is an urgent need to find comprehensive solutions for this problem if America is to secure its place in history through future generations. As of now, deep fried foods and cola fizz seems to be drowning future generations of America . The alarming rate of child obesity in America is something to be bothered about and those responsible for keeping national future secure must act urgently to address this malaise.

A beginning needs to be made by adults by following healthy lifestyles. Children always emulate adults and when adults are seen to be indulging in healthy living habits, children are highly likely to follow them as well.


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