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With the rise in the child obesity among the children almost all the parents are worrying about the diet taken by their kids. Unhealthy food is considered as one of the factors responsible for this sudden rise in the child obesity in the nation. Inculcating good eating habits is necessary for the health of the kids.

Why do children become obese and what are the ill effects of child obesity?

Child obesity is an epidemic problem that is seen in children. Children with extra fat in their bodies are called obese. Obese children have body mass indexes greater than 40. Our body requires some amount of fat so that energy can be derives during the starving periods. In order to maintain optimum levels of fat in the body extra calories consumed must be shed with the help of different physical activities. But because of the unhealthy life styles and food habits obesity is spreading at a faster pace among the children. Children these days consume more calories and take part in less physical activities and hence all the unused calories get deposited in the body as fat. This will ultimately lead to child obesity.

Child obesity is equally harmful. Obese children may turn into obese adult in the future. And also it triggers several diseases like Pickwickian syndrome, Sleep apnea, Osteoarthritis, Gout and gouty arthritis, Gallstones, Cancer, Congestive heart failure, Heart attack, Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA), High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), High blood pressure (hypertension), Type II (adult-onset diabetes), Insulin Resistance, etc. Most of the above are adult diseases but these are also seen in the kids these days. And the only culprit to be blames is childhood obesity.

What diet should be followed by these obese children?

A special care must be taken by the parents of obese children in case of the diet. Inculcating good eating habits at a younger age is very important for the health of the kids. A typical diet for the obese children is given below.

Diet should not include the following:

Soft drinks or aerated drinks- People have almost forgot that water can be drunk after the introduction of aerated drinks in the market. But a study has found out that these drinks have a very high level of sugar content in them which indicates that these are nothing but baggage of high amounts of calories. When consumed by the kids the blood glucose levels in the body fluctuates. Because of this fluctuation the kids eat more than the normal quantities.

Fruit juices- Fruits when consumed as a whole are good for health but fruit juices can also increase the glucose levels as additives are present in them.

Sports drink- These drinks have a high amount carbohydrate and sugars in them. These drinks have a high amount carbohydrate and sugars in them as they specifically designed for the sake of sports men. These people need high amounts of energy. Children get attracted to these drinks after watching the ads promoting these drinks.

Chips and other fried foods- Chips and other fried items have high amounts of saturated fats, salts and carbohydrates. They are highly calorific and can make a kid obese in no time.

Crackers- These are similar to chips. They too have very high amounts of carbohydrates in them and hence must be avoided by the children.

Diet should include the following:

Water- Water is the elixir of life. Water helps in hydrating the skin. It also flushes out the toxins from the body. Almost all the processes in the body need water. Apart from this drinking more water gives a feeling of satiety or fullness. Parents must make sure that kids drinks more and more water through out the day.

Eat in smaller quantities but eat frequently. It is a good habit to eat in smaller quantities but frequently. It was found out that large meals increase the sugar levels in the body which also increases the insulin content. As a result children feel hungrier and eat more than the adequate amounts. This is one of the useful obesity diet and prevention.

Foods with low calories- Children must eat vegetables and fruits as they have low calories and necessary nutrients that are required by the body.


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