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One of the major reasons for the increase in the obesity rate among the children is the consumption of fast foods. Several studies have shown that obesity rate has almost triple from the past thirty years. And the main reason behind this is considered to be the unhealthy food habits that got inculcated in the younger generation. Fast foods are also indirectly linked to the death rate because increasing obesity rates around the world are responsible for the deaths of about 9000 people every year. With the increase in the number of fast food outlets in the developing countries people are finding them much handy. It saves time and the costs involved are also less. Fast food tastes good and gives the feeling of eating more and more. Mainly children get addicted to such foods. These children do not mind filling their stomachs with these junk foods as they are not aware of its ill effects. Today’s younger generation is almost surviving on burgers and French fries completely. Children of today’s generation have almost forgotten that vegetables and fruits are meant to be eaten.

Why is fast food consumption not good for health?

It is a known fact that the children are more attracted to the fast foods than the adults. Even parents are not stopping their kid from consuming these foods. A majority of the parents are unaware that fast food consumption is not good for health. Saturated fats, highly refined carbohydrates, sodium and sugars are the main ingredients of these fast foods. And also they have very high calorific value. They are completely devoid of all the important nutrients that play essential roles in the metabolism of the body. Carbohydrate levels are also very high in these foods. These high levels of carbohydrates increase the glucose levels in the blood. This makes the liver produce more insulin which is known to increase fat deposition in the body. High insulin levels will increase the amounts of fat depositions in the body. This will ultimately lead to obesity. Most of the parents are not aware of all these facts and they do not stop their kids from binging on these fast foods.

What should be done to stop people from having these fast foods?

A recent survey has shown that more than 80% of the people have got used to these fast foods. Mainly the people living in the urban areas are so used to these foods that preventing them from having these foods is almost impossible. Preventing children from consuming these foods is also difficult. Advertisements of these fast foods had attracted these urban living children long back. This shows that it is very important to create awareness among the people about the ill effects of these fast foods. Though most of the people have already started realizing this after the sudden increase in their weights very few are striving towards killing obesity by maintaining a healthy life style. To stop people from consuming these fast foods the following steps must be taken.

As already said very few people are aware of the ill effects of the fast foods. So it is utmost important to create awareness among the people. This can be done by promoting programs through several modes of communication like TV, radio, internet etc.

A recent survey has shown that the number of fast food outlets in US have increased from 30, 000 to 140, 000 in a single decade. Even the sales of these fast foods have gone up to 300%. Since fast foods are easily available at these outlets is very handy for most of them. Permissions for the openings of these unhealthy fast food centers must be banned by the government to suppress the obesity rate to some extent.

Next important thing is to ban all the advertisements related to these fast foods. These are the main culprits for attracting the children towards the fast foods. These children force their parents to take them to these food outlets.

Stopping people from consuming these fast foods is not sufficient. Creating awareness among the people about the eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits is also equally important. The right kinds of the foods that should be preferred to remain healthy must be suggested to every one.


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