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Obesity is one of the fastest prevailing epidemics among the people. With the increasing obesity rate all over the world it has become a necessity to fight against obesity. Studies have shown that 75% of the people from the urban areas are the victims of obesity. Over a billion adults and children are overweight according to these studies. Obesity has also made children as its victims. Even the obesity rate among the children is found to be very high. The study graphs prepared by the experts show a steep increase in the obesity line. All these things show how important it is to fight back obesity.

Why should one fight back against obesity?

Though obesity represents only the extra fat in the body, several studies have shown that it can lead to several health problems. Few such health problems are

Pickwickian syndrome- This causes red face, under ventilation, and drowsiness. This occurs mostly in obese patients.

Osteoarthritis- It is the degeneration of the joints and bones of the knees, hips, and the lower back because of the over weight.

Cancer- It is triggered by the chemical messengers produced by the fat cells Obesity may result in a wide variety of cancers like colon, uterus, colon, kidney, esophagus, pancreas and gallbladder cancers.

Heart attack- This is because of the pressure put on the heart due to the blockages in the arteries.

High blood pressure (hypertension) because of the same reason mentioned above.

Type II (adult-onset diabetes) – Obese people are vulnerable to this disease as fat cells do not take up insulin and cause a condition called insulin resistance. Because of this insulin resistance glucose remains in the blood increasing the blood glucose levels. This condition is termed as Type II diabetes.

Sleep apnea- Extra fat deposited on the tongue and neck block the passage for air. This result in a condition called sleep apnea.

Other health problems include gout and gouty arthritis, Gallstones, Congestive heart failure, Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA), High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), etc.

This shows that obesity is very dangerous. People suffering from obesity have less life time when compared to the normal people.

What should be done to fight back against obesity?

The main weapons against obesity are good diet and exercises. These both are sufficient to kill obesity completely. They also help in preventing obesity in case of normal people. If people make sure that they follow good diet and exercises then they can curb obesity completely.

Good diet-

The type of food consumed is the deciding factor for obesity. So it is very necessary to keep the track of the food that we are consuming. Following a good diet is very important to fight obesity. A good diet must contain the following things.

Water- Water is considered to be the elixir of life. There is no life without water. Water helps in removing the toxins from the body. It keeps the skin healthy by hydrating it. It also creates a feeling of fullness or satiety because of which the person does not feel like eating more. So it can help in controlling the appetite indirectly.

Low calorie food- The diet should contain low calorie foods like vegetables and fruits. These foods are natural and have all the essential nutrients required by the body. Since they contain very few calories they do not add up to the weight of the body. This is one of the most effective obesity diet.

People should completely avoid soft drinks, hard drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, fried foods, chips, crackers, fast food and almost all the foods that have high calorific values.


Exercising is the best way to get rid of the extra fat that is present in the body. Exercising regularly also helps in maintaining the health of the person. Few cardiac obesity exercise that help in fighting against obesity are listed below.

Brisk walking – Very effective in preventing obesity

Swimming- can burn calories in a very less time

Aerobic Dancing- is almost equivalent to swimming

Playing outdoor games- best in case of kids

Jogging- helpful for elders and females

Bicycling- can burn up to 200 calories

Rock climbing- interesting as well as effective in burning fats. These are the effective exercises for child obesity prevention.


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