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With the rise in the child obesity rate, several foundations are established to guide people in a fight against obesity. One such foundation is National Childhood Obesity Foundation. The main aim of this foundation is to guide people in a right way to prevent obesity. With the awareness created among the people about the childhood obesity a majority of them are now aware of the ill effects of childhood obesity. But creating awareness is just not sufficient to curb this. Parents must be also guided in a right way. National Childhood Obesity Foundation has come forward to help these parents in preventing their children against childhood obesity.  

What exactly is National Childhood Obesity Foundation?

National Childhood Obesity Foundation is a foundation that is laid out with a sole aim to help people in improving their health and life style. This is a non commercial organization which is striving to remove child obesity completely. It is known for its effectiveness and efficiency. This organization conducts activities such as research, policy analysis and educational activities on childhood obesity.

What is childhood obesity and why is it caused?

Childhood obesity is nothing but obesity seen in children. These children have extra fat in their bodies. It is a known fact that extra body fat is harmful and can lead to many heath related problems like heart attack, blood pressure, high amounts of cholesterol, diabetes, hepatitis, some types of cancer, etc. But what is distressing is that all these health problems are now also seen in children. And the main culprit behind this is found to be childhood obesity.

Today’s generation parents hardly find any time to take a special care of their kids. They generally overlook certain matters like food habits and the participation of the kids in the physical activities. These kids have been found to spend most of the time playing games in their costly cum highly configured gadgets and personal computers. And also they are not restricted from binging on their favorite fast foods like burgers and pizzas. All these things have a very severe effect of the health of these kids. Due to the less physical activity and intake of more calorie rich food these kids are becoming the victims of childhood obesity. The major portion of the blame for all this goes to the parents who do not prevent their kids from eating unhealthy foods and as they are not paying any regime to their participation in the physical activities.

How does National Childhood Obesity Foundation help in preventing childhood obesity?

The best way to curb childhood obesity is by guiding parents in taking care of the health of their kids. This is done by the National Childhood Obesity Foundation. It provides answers to the questions posed by the parents about childhood obesity. This way it helps parents in this fight against childhood obesity. The kind of help offered by the National Childhood Obesity Foundation help is

It provides Educational information about childhood obesity.

It provides information about the preventive measures against childhood obesity.

It also helps parents by answering all their queries regarding childhood obesity.

It conducts programs to create awareness about the childhood obesity.

It provides a platform by which several parents can correspond with each other. These discussions can help in knowing more about childhood obesity.

What according to National Childhood Obesity Foundation should parents do to prevent childhood obesity?

Parents play a major role in defining the health of their kids. It is utmost important to inculcate good habits in the children which is to be done by the parents. Parents should know the right way to grow their kids. This will help the kid in leading a healthy life in the long run. The basic guidelines that parents should follow are mentioned below.

First thing that a parent must do is to inculcate good eating habits in the child. This can be done by preparing a diet program. This can be done with the help of a dietician.

Parents should encourage their kids to participate in several physical activities like spots, outdoor games, etc.

They should prevent children from participating in sedentary activities like watching TV, playing video games or sitting in front of the personal computer is also a must.


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