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Obese Children and Physical Education     

Physical education plays an important role in the life of as child that is obese or overweight. Parents and teachers must strictly ensure that an overweight child takes part in the physical fitness class and also in sports activities. Parents must also ensure that the child does not spend too much time before the TV and computer games once he’s home from school. There must be a strict time table that the child should follow regarding outdoor play. He or she must take part in an out door game like cricket or tennis everyday at least for an hour. He should also be encouraged to play with other children outdoors so that he can burn the calories consumed.

Parents must also concentrate on the food consumed by the child. Simple home cooked meals should take preference over junk and fatty foods. Nutritious food must be given on time especially to the overweight child. Soups and salads must be included in their diet apart from a high protein breakfast that will help them to feel full sooner. You should also encourage overweight children to eat smaller frequent meals so that they do not get hungry soon.

More physical education and reduced overweight:

There has been a trend towards lower physical activity especially among high school students in the U.S and even in India. As the children go to higher classes they have a lot more to study and physical education takes a back seat. But this has serious health complications later on. Teachers and parents should make note of this and make it compulsory for all students to enroll in physical fitness programs. Many researches prove that increased physical and extra curricular activities’ participation will have a positive effect on over all health of a child. It will also help the children to maintain healthy weight during adulthood.

Researches have also proved that children engaged in exercises or games like biking, rollerblading, skate boarding more than 4 times a week were less likely to develop as overweight adults. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services also recommends physical education at all grade levels. Giving importance to physical education in schools is the best and cost effective way to solve this malady of child obesity.

The following strategies with regard to physical education can also be carried out:

Making community facilities available for physical activity for all people especially in weekends.

Ensuring daily quality physical education for all school grades.

Create more opportunities for physical activity at work sites.

Reduce time spent before TV and other sedentary pass times.

Educate all mothers about the benefits of breast feeding. Breast fed children are less prone to become overweight.

Communities should play a vital role in promoting physical activity among the people. There should be safe places for children to ride bikes, jog or walk. Schools and colleges must advocate healthy eating choices that are to be incorporated in their canteens also. Importance of daily physical education and fitness must be made known to teachers and parents also; employers must also include physical fitness programs for their employees as better health will result in better work at the end of the day.

At least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 times a day and following the food pyramid in making dietary choices are other ways to prevent child obesity the rates of which have doubled since the 1990’s. Schools must make it compulsory for children to have a physical fitness program for at least half an hour everyday and those missing it should be punished. This will help children to engage in a physical activity everyday; no excuses must be entertained for missing a physical education class.

Children must be made to feel that a physical education class is as important if not more than a subject class in terms of his better health and happiness in the future. Parents must also encourage students’ participation in sports activities and must make it mandatory for children to engage in outdoor sports everyday. Overseeing their dietary and physical lifestyle will go a long way in controlling obesity among children.


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