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Dealing with obesity is hard enough, let alone dealing with an obese female child. In the US, about 32 % children are obese. In the Americas, obesity has been found in the women who are Pacific Islanders, American women as well as Hispanic population. However, throughout the world people are becoming more and more conscious regarding obesity, and women seem to be mostly influenced by the problem of obesity. Girls are always monitoring their weight. Once the obese female child decides to reduce weight, she can have a really hard time. However, it’s never too late to take care of the weight problem.

For the female obesity , looks play an important role. She is obviously not the cutest female and she has problems with her psyche. Obesity can lead to depression and a host of other problems which, we are not quite aware of. An overweight child can be an asthma patient. Initially parents might think that the overweight girl child looks cute and adorable. But, they need to be aware of the fact that she will definitely run into a plethora of problems in near future.

Weight loss is a key issue for the obese female child. Dieting is another aspect that makes things complicated for the obese girl child. Eating the right kind of food at the right time and being very choosy about the diet can make things difficult for the parents. While dealing with the obese female child, the parents need to watch out for what they are feeding her. Parents should not force the kid to eat high calorie foods. Diet soda and light chocolate bars (or no chocolate at all) are better food groups compared to the ones that are rich in calories. Although, this will complicate things for the parents, it will pay off in the long run.

Besides the dieting factor, the obese female child needs to workout to shed some calories. Working out can take away some valuable family time, which parents might have a problem with. Although, in this case, they should be more considerate towards their obese female child. Doing the right kind of exercises matters the most. So, it is advised that the kid works out with the right trainer and has a good training schedule that is geared towards weight loss. This is one of the effective way to get rid of female obesity.

Obesity results in various medical problems. The parents of an obese female child need to watch out for these. Well, are you wondering what kind of medical problems they can face? Here’s a sneak peak at the problems caused by obesity: hormonal imbalances, low self esteem, asthma, heart problems, hypertension, etc. Heart problems do result from obesity and they can turn out to be very bad. So, does asthma. The obese female child eventually suffers from infertility at a later stage. Birth related issues make things complicated for her. The biggest of all these problems is the fact that the child is not satisfied with the appearance. Unattractive kids are not that popular with their peers whether they are in s school, college or at work.

Medical research shows that a five year old obese female child generally suffers from muscular hypotonia as well as mental deficiency. Hypotonia basically refers to the condition where muscles have less tension in them. This does affect the overall strength of the body. But, the hypotonia may sometimes happen from the genetic disorder. Nevertheless it is yet another problem that the child has to suffer.

An interesting aspect of obesity is that it affects the obese female child in all parts of her life. Attractive people are found not guilty in the courts, receive higher income at work, have more friends, and they go to more parties than the unattractive ones. So, we can realize that obesity in a female child needs to be checked at an early age before it gets out of hand. Parents play a crucial role in the child’s well being and they should encourage the kid to diet as well as work out to get back to a better shape than she is. This is one of the best child obesity treatment.

Keeping everything in mind, parents should not let their female child become obese. Proper care as well as attention needs to be given to her.


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