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School children face the obesity problem and this malady is spreading to all parts of the country. Many schools allow outsiders to run canteens whose sole motive is to generate profit. Hence the food served in the canteens are sub standard food items and most of the food served are junk and oily items with little or no nutritive value. Eating such food increases the cholesterol content and clogs the arteries leading to obesity and overweight problems among children. School children problems with obesity are many and most of them get prone to lifestyle diseases like type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc. There is a high possibility that canteen food triggers obesity among children. With both the parents working these days they advise children to consume canteen food which is not only dangerous for health but also leads to other weight problems.

Most of the schools inform the parents about the menus being served in the school lunches. Parents must go through them carefully and point out any unhealthy food constituents in the school lunches. If the food is nutritious enough they must encourage children to go for it, otherwise parents should take the responsibility to give good home made lunches to children. Obese school children can only be reduced in this way. Some schools include pizzas, burgers, popcorn and other fatty snacks in the school lunches which are unhealthy for kids and aggravate the obesity problem.

School children problem with obesity also takes a psychological angle when children develop low self-esteem and perform badly in studies. They are insulted and teased by their peers who look at them with animosity and persons lacking in self control. Teachers and parents must encourage such children to take part in physical fitness programs and other sports activities so that this problem is reduced to a certain extent. Parents of such children should also restrict their TV watching time when children come home from school and accompany them for an out door game like tennis or cricket which they must take part in actively. Parents can also encourage their friends who are obese to accompany their children so that children begin to enjoy such group activities which no longer become a chore.

Snack vending machines in school also poses a problem with regard to child obesity for school children as these machines make chips and other oily stuffs easily available for school children. Also soft drinks which are another source of calories is available in schools which is detrimental to the health of school children who are already obese.

If you feel school lunches are the main causes of child obesity in school you must bring it to the notice of the management. If the management fails to respond properly you must seek the co operation of other parents as a group effort will bring about good results. You should convince the management about the harm that the school lunches bring in children and make them offer good substitutes like food with nutritive value. Children must also be educated about the importance of eating a mix of vegetables and fruits and its effect on good health. This is one of the effective child diet. The school authorities must also monitor the nutritive value of the food being served in the canteens from time to time. Schools, parents, teachers and health care professionals all have a major role to play if this problem of obesity is to be minimized.

School children problems with obesity also manifest in the form of children being secluded and not being able to take part in school activities like dramas, dance shows etc. Due to their poor physical appearance as a result of overweight these children get sidelined which also adds to their poor morale. Parents must help and encourage these children to come out of their shell and must insult them. They should be encouraged to maintain their fitness schedule and educated about eating right and good physical activity in place of a sedentary lifestyle. This is one of the useful child obesity treatment. Strict timetables should be maintained for computer games and TV watching so that children get to move around and in the process start to lose weight.


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