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Obesity is on a rise through out the world. Children are also becoming the victims of obesity these days. A recent survey has showed that the number of obese young children has doubled from the past three decades. There study graphs show that obesity is increasing linearly even in case of young children.

What exactly is obesity?

Obesity is a severe epidemic problem that is seen in every other person. People with extra fat in their bodies are called obese. In other words, people with body mass index greater than 40 are called obese. Only some amount of fat is required by the body to maintain the body temperature and to derive energy when there is no food supply. To maintain optimum levels of fat in the body it is necessary to shed more calories and consume fewer calories. But the unhealthy life styles and the food habits that today’s generation irrespective of the age is following is one of the reasons for obesity. People these days consume more and work less and all the unused calories get deposited in the body as fat. This will ultimately lead to obesity.

Now, one may wonder what is wrong with extra fat in the body. Several studies have shown that fat cells release some chemical messengers called hormones. When these messengers are present in greater quantities they hinder with the normal metabolism of the body. And also they trigger several diseases like Pickwickian syndrome, Sleep apnea, Osteoarthritis, Gout and gouty arthritis, Gallstones, Cancer, Congestive heart failure, Heart attack, Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA), High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), High blood pressure (hypertension), Type II (adult-onset diabetes), Insulin Resistance, etc. So this proves that obesity is not good and in fact may prove havoc in one’s life.

What are the causes of obesity in young children?

Obesity is generally seen in adults. But from the past three decades it has been affecting even the young children. The main causes for the sudden rise of the obesity rate among the young children are mentioned below.

The main cause of obesity in young children is the unhealthy food habits. Intake of high calorie foods like burgers, diet cokes and fried foods by the younger generation is responsible for this steep rise in the obesity rate. The number of fast food centers has increased all over the world. They provide tasty food at low costs. Apart from this the advertisements promoted by these food centers lure the kids. A majority of the kids get attracted by these ads and the supportive parents never say no to the demands of their kids. They are not aware of the fact that these foods have no nutritious value. But they are full of calories that can easily make a person obese in no time.

The next main causes of obesity in young children is less youth physical activity. A survey has showed that 8 out of 10 kids spend most of the time playing games in their costly cum highly configured gadgets and personal computers. Very few are found to be interested in the outdoor sports. Because of the less physical activity no attempt is made by the body to burn all those extra calories that are consumed. As a result all these calories get deposited in the body as fat which will ultimately lead to obesity.

Another major cause of obesity in young children is heredity. Several studies have shown that a kid may turn out to be obese if he has obesity in his family history. Treating obesity in such cases is difficult as it not possible to change the genetic make up of a person.

How can this be treated?

The only way by which obesity can be treated is by making the child follow a strict diet plan. This diet plan can be prepared with the help of a dietician. One should make sure that the kid gets all the essential nutrients through his diet. And also the parent should make sure that the kid drinks more and more water. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and also gives a feeling of satiety or fullness which discourages the kid from consuming more. These kids should be made to participate in sports to kill the all the extra fat that got deposited in the body.This is one of the useful youth obesity treatment.


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