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The rise in the child obesity is like a blow to every one who got used to the modern life style and unhealthy eating habits. Obesity which was once considered to be as an adult disease is now also seen in children. A survey has shown that that the number of obese young children has doubled from the past three decades. The obesity graphs show that obesity is increasing linearly at a constant rate. These obesity graphs indicate that childhood obesity may prove to be lethal in the neat future if not controlled.

What do the obesity graphs show?

These obesity graphs show that childhood obesity rate is increasing at a constant rate without any fluctuations in between. The reasons for the sudden increase are the unhealthy food habits and sedentary life styles. Obesity is nothing but extra fat in the body. Unhealthy diet like high calorie foods like burgers, diet cokes and fried foods has become a part of the children’s diet. These foods which have no nutritious value are of no use to the body. And the sedentary habits do not burn the calories consumed by the kids. Hence these get stored in the body. Sometimes obesity may be also because of some internal health problems.

What future problems do these obesity graphs depict?

These graphs depict that children may face a several health problems if child obesity is not controlled in the initial stages. Few of the future problems that the obese children may have to face are described below.

Diabetes- Diabetes was once an adult disease but now it is also seen in the kids. Several health officials have reported that 10% of the diabetic patients are children. This is because of the obesity according to these officials. Excess fat present in the body rejects the glucose and hence glucose remains in the blood increasing the blood sugar levels. This is called insulin resistance and is the major cause in case of diabetes type II. A diabetic child may have to suffer a lot as it is a very serious disease with less curative possibilities.

Pickwickian syndrome: It is one of the health problems caused because of obesity. Children will have symptoms like red face, under ventilation, and drowsiness.

Osteoarthritis: Kids who are obese may experience this problem as they grow up. Extra weight strain their joints and bones of the knees, hips, and the lower back. This causes the degeneration of these parts. This condition is termed as osteoarthritis.

Cancer- Obese children are more likely to develop cancers. Fat cells produce several hormones and chemical messengers. These hormones and chemical messengers when present in lesser quantities are not harmful. But incase of obese children the amount of the production of these hormones and chemical messengers is very high and is considered to trigger the growth of the tumors in the body. The uncontrollable growth of these tumors in the body is known as cancer. Obesity may result in a wide variety of cancers like colon, uterus, colon, kidney, esophagus, pancreas and gallbladder cancers.

Heart attack- Obese children are also vulnerable to heart attacks, which is quite shocking. They tend to strain their heart as it has to pump with greater force to reach the cells of the entire body. Heart attacks are seen in people above 30 years but these even toddlers are vulnerable to this.

High blood pressure (hypertension) - Children who are overweight have high blood pressure. This is because of the same reason mentioned in the above point.

Sleep apnea- Obese kids have their air passage blocked away because of the extra fat. This leads to a condition called sleep apnea. Fat developed on tongue and neck is responsible for this.

Gout and gouty arthritis


Congestive heart failure

Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA)

High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) are some other problems faced by the obese kids.

All the above points show how dangerous child obesity can be. Children are at a greater risk to develop all sorts of adult diseases which can even take the life of the kid. So, the parents of these obese kids must take a very special care about the diet of these kids to avoid all these problems.


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