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The most common issue about which the parents are worrying is obesity. With the sudden shoot up of the obesity rate among the children these parents absolutely have a reason to worry. The awareness created about the ill effects of child obesity has made the parents to worry about their children. But most of the parents are not aware of the measures to prevent obesity. It is equally important to guide the parents in a right way so that they will inculcate good habits in their children. Several common questions raised by the parents on the issue of obesity are answered below.

How to know if the child is obese?

This is the most common doubt that parents get regarding their child’s weight. Most of them are not sure whether their kid is obese or not. It is very necessary to confirm if the kid is overweight before taking any kind of measures. This can be found out with the help of a family doctor. The doctor will take the weight and height details of the kid and will use child obesity chart to check if the child is overweight. This chart will also help in knowing the proportionate weight of the kid according to the height. This can be done even at the home with the guidance of the doctor.

How to inculcate good eating habits in the kid?

The most important task for a parent is to inculcate right eating habits in their child. Improper eating habits can lead to obesity and will indirectly affect the health of the kid. The following measures can help in inculcating good eating habits in the child. As it is said prevention is better than cure it is important to prevent your child from getting obese rather than taking pains to treat it.

It is very important to provide nutritious and healthy diet to your kid. So, it is better to avoid packaged foods. These packaged foods contain Saturated fats, highly refined carbohydrates, sodium and sugars. Parents find these foods very handy as they need not spend time on cooking. They are not aware that they have very high calorific value and are devoid of all the important nutrients that play essential roles in the metabolism of the body. These foods are the main culprits behind obesity.

Your child diet should contain fresh vegetables and fruits. These food items have very few calories. They provide all the nutrients like minerals and amino acids needed by the body. They help in maintaining the health of your kid.

Further queries about the diet can be resolved either with the help of a dietician or a family doctor.

It is a good habit to eat together. Everyone in the family should make a habit of dining together. And also the whole family should follow the same diet. This way the children would not have a feeling that he is the only one on diet. This helps in creating a positive feeling in the kids.

Children including adults should get rid of the habit of eating in front of the TV. This way one can keep a track of how much he is eating. Parents should be concerned with the obesity related issues with their children

It is better not to force your kid to eat when he is not hungry. This may leads to kids obesity. Even if the kid does not eat much during the meals it is absolutely fine. This habit will help the kid in controlling his cravings for food when he is not hungry.

Never promise any food item like sweets and desserts to a kid to lure him into something. This is a very bad habit. If this is done the kid may start giving importance to the sweets. This is one of the useful way to get rid of obesity.

Control the visits to the restaurants and fast food outlets as far as possible. The food served there is of high calorific value and has no nutrition.

Encourage the kid into physical activities like playing sports and exercising instead of wasting time in front of TV and computer. This way the kid will shed the extra calories in his body. It is also good if the parent accompanies the kid in such activities. This would encourage the kid.

Obesity and Children issues should be attended well in advance. Before forcing things onto the kid it is very important to follow the same things by the parent. The parent should become the child’s role model.


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