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A majority of the doctors through out the world have agreed that the number of obesity cases have increased to a large extent from the past three decades. Another shocking thing told by doctors is that most of their patients are very young. Number of obese children has almost tripled from the past three decades according to a study report. Almost every doctor agrees that obesity has become a major threat in this decade.

What is child obesity?

Children who have more body mass index are called obese. These obese kids have extra fat deposited in their bodies. This condition is termed as child obesity. Because of the change in the life style and unhealthy food habits of the younger generation obesity rate is increasing at a faster rate. Advanced technology has provided many luxurious options because of which a person need not work more. Even kids are not getting any chance for any physical activity. These highly pampered kids are not even allowed to walk even half a mile. They spend most of the time in front of TV’s and computers. Because of no physical activity all the unspent calories are getting deposited in the body making the person over weight. Another major reason for this increasing rate is the unhealthy food habits. Fast foods have absolutely no nutritious value but have very high amounts of calories. These extra calories are not spent because of any physical activities. As a result all these calories add up to the weight of the child. Parents of such kids who are busy most of the time with their respective careers overlook these matters.

What are the perspectives of the doctors regarding child obesity?

Doctors say that child obesity is a very serious problem and has to be eradicated as soon as possible. Obesity can cause several health problems both in the short and long runs. They say that obesity is the main culprit behind the health problems like diabetes, deposition of fat in the arteries, bulimia, orthopedic disorders, liver problems, blockage leading to respiratory problems, sleep apnea, cardiomyopathy and many more. All these problems were generally seen in adults. Doctors say that the diabetic patients consulting them also consist of kids. This is a very surprising thing according to them as diabetes is an adult disease. It is a condition where in glucose is not accepted by the body cells due to the lack of a hormone called insulin. Because of this glucose remains in the blood thus, increasing the blood glucose levels. Even other problems like blockage of the fat in the arteries are very serious things. Heart gets strained easily because of the increased pumping pressure because of the blockages. All these problems affect the health of the children and prevent them from leading a normal healthy life.

What are the preventive measures suggested by the doctors to curb child obesity?

Doctors say that it is easier to prevent child obesity than treating it. So as per the famous saying “prevention is better than cure” it is better to take preventive measures in the earlier stages itself rather than struggling to treat obesity later. Doctors recommend taking nutritious food instead of the high calorific fast foods. They say that fresh vegetables and fruits must be a part of every one’s diet as they contain fewer calories and all the essential nutrients required by the body. Mainly children should be prevented from consuming fast foods like pizza, popcorn, burgers, diet cokes and fried foods. Instead it is a good habit to opt for home cooked food. Small frequent meals which contain fewer calories must be a part of the child’s diet plan.

Parents should be aware of the food portion sizes that are consumed by the kids. It is also necessary to make sure that the child drinks more and more water every day. Water apart from hydrating the skin and flushing out the toxins also gives a feeling of fullness. Because of this feeling children do not consume more.

Another most important thing suggested y the doctors is exercising. Cardiac exercises are the best way to prevent obesity. Children should be also encourages to participate in physical activities like sports so that they burn all the extra calories consumed.

These are the doctor’s perspectives on obesity issues among children.


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