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There have been many quotes of child obesity as the problem gets exclusive media coverage almost everyday. While the media attention is there more should be done to control the malady of child obesity and professionals and geniuses in various fields must not restrict themselves by giving great quotes in international conferences on child obesity. Tackling the problem is the need of the hour and not mere quotes on child obesity.

The statistics of increasing child obesity rates is a matter of grave concern for parents, teachers and health care professionals. A combined approach will only help in rooting out this evil which is spreading to all parts of the world. At the California child obesity conference held in 2003, James Baldwin stated, “Children have never been very good at listening to elders, but they have never failed to imitate them”. This essentially was quoted with reference to child obesity where he implied that parents should be role models as children tend to imitate the eating habits of their parents. Parents should consider it their sole and important responsibility to pay due attention to the eating habits of their children and must not encourage them to over eat.

People need to give less attention to the attention grabbing quotes on child obesity and more on the problem itself and what can be done to curb its spread. Experts and others must concentrate on addressing the problems of children living in stressful relations and situations that force them to overeat. Quotes of child obesity are many in the internet and it will not solve the problem of child obesity in any way. Parents and teachers must keep the children constructively occupied so that this problem gets resolved at the earliest.

Some of the famous quotes of obesity are as follows:

Exercise is one of the best ways in preventing the rapid growth of obesity in America.- Lee Haney

Childhood obesity is best tackled at home by parental involvement, increased exercise, better diet and restraint from eating.- Bob Filner

Obesity among young Americans can have serious ramifications in the long run – Virginia Foxx

Three quarters of diabetics are type-2 diabetics and two-thirds of them have a disease which can be preventable by exercise and healthy choices – Tony Blair

If parents truly care they have to take control – Jamie Oliver

The rate of childhood obesity is just ridiculous – Shannon Miller

Children need more push ups not less fat or sugar – Lisa Katic

A fat body makes a lean mind- Christian Nestell Bovee

Apart from these incredible quotes media attention is also focused on advertisements promoting junk food for children under the age of sixteen. Obesity is a massive problem which requires the combined efforts of manufacturers and marketers of the junk foods also to join hands to arrest this evil. Soft drinks manufacturers also have to rise up to the occasion as soft drinks consumption has increased among children and adults and is a cause for increased obesity rates in this section of the masses.

Children must be educated about healthy eating habits and parents must prepare delicious colorful meals for their children with all types of veggies that are nutritious. Parents are to a certain extent to be blamed for the rising spread of obesity among children. With both the parents going out to work children eat ready made meals or junk foods that have no nutritive value. Merely resorting to fancy quotes will not solve the problem in any way but children should be taught about nutrition in schools and colleges. Parents must also make it mandatory for the children to indulge in a sport activity outdoors everyday so that they will be able to burn the amount of calories consumed. This is one of the effective obesity treatment. Obesity cannot be corrected by zero calories but only when calories eaten equals calories lost can the ideal weight be maintained.


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