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In the western world, obesity has become a primary concern. The food served in schools can cause obesity. The school cafeteria throughout the US serves various kinds of food. But they all are mostly greasy. This is how it works. You walk into the food court, grab a tray and pick up food from the lines. In any given day, only a limited number of foods are served. Although the cafeteria cook tries to make things delicious and healthy, the food dealership that serves the cheap and bulk food doesn’t quite care about the healthy choice. So, in the US school cafeteria food can be the source of obesity. Things are being changed throughout US school system.

Certain foods are served daily in the school café. For example, mashed potato and baked potato is often served for dinner. Other potato based food products are also served quite a bit. Then again, there are salad bars and grills in most school cafeterias. So, you cannot technically blame the school cafeteria for your obesity. This is because they do have healthy meals sometimes. These days, most salad bar carry a low cal or low calorie salad dressing and low cal food groups. However, the taco bar or rather the Mexican food bar offers greasy foods.

The school boards think that the Cafeteria food should be limited to the nutritious foods only. They should start serving more fruits and salads than real food. That way the obese person won’t be able to blame their obesity on the cafeteria. Also, the nutrient value information should be posted on all the food bars so that the person picking up the food knows about the calorie intake.

Many think that Cafeteria food is basically nothing other than junk food and results in obesity. As a result some nutritionists like Dana Woldow are trying to make changes through out the school cafeteria food throughout the US. Hopefully, introduction of better food groups and certain changes will help improve the diets of the obese folks on campus.

Some cafeterias are introducing straight out of farm foods. Things like carrots as well as jicama are slowly replacing power bars or snickers in the cafeterias. Some schools have been introducing healthy organic foods in order to bring about a change in the diet. For example Organic salad has made its place in the school cafeteria menu. Yet, some other schools are starting their very own Farmer’s market that will have foods donated from Marin organic. Systems like Grab-A go breakfasts are being introduced to most school cafeterias in US. Breakfast programs like these have been started in various school cafeterias.

The cafeteria is somewhat at fault. Often times the delivery truck drops off food products on weekends. Towards the end of the week food stocks run low in the cafeteria fridge. This compels the cook to mix and match different food groups and create a weird combination of food sometimes. The final product is not that nutritious and healthy. Therefore, the school cafeteria needs to keep a steady flow of foods so that the food that is being served is fresh and healthy. Sometimes the cooks aren’t well trained and they don’t quite know what to serve. Most of the times part time staff cooks the food and they don’t turn out to be quite healthy. So, just like a steady supply of fresh food products, the school cafeteria needs a steady supply of trained staff who knows what they are doing.

However, we cannot quite blame the cafeterias for obesity. It sounds like they are doing their share to fight obesity. Ultimately, it’s the student’s choice and they are to be blamed for obesity.


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