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Those suffering from obesity or overweight condition face severe health risks. They face the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart diseases apart from a host of other serious health issues. The statistics of obese people in all parts of the world is increasing rapidly and calls for immediate corrective measures. This tendency is also seen among children and teens posing grave issues. The other obesity health problems that signals are

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Cancer (breast, colon, intestine)
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Sleep apnea
Obesity is a chronic disease affecting all major socio economic groups and people in developed and developing economies alike. The number of people who are obese have increased three fold from the 1980’s mainly due to the consumption of low nutrient and high sugar and fat foods. The obese people may also find themselves facing other chronic diseases leading to lower life expectancy and poor quality of life.

Causes for increasing obesity:

  • Low physical activity as a result of increased material comforts
  • High fat, low nutrient diet
  • Liberalization and globalization leading to changes in food patterns amongst population.

Excess body weight and its impact on health:

The most severe problem as a result of obesity is that it changes the metabolic rates adversely affecting blood pressure, triglyceride level, cholesterol and insulin resistance. A lot many skin problems, fertility issues, respiratory problems and skeletal problems are also associated with the chronic obesity problem. The other life threatening problemsof obesity can be classified into

  • Cancers like large bowel cancers
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Gall bladder disease
  • CVD problems

A large many cases of children who suffer from type-2 diabetes are found to be obese and this condition of obesity amongst children and teens is increasing in China, India, Latin America and many other economies. Raised BMI (body mass index) also signals the risk of cancer of kidney, prostrate, colon and the gall bladder. People with any of the following risk factors should try to reduce their weight claim obesity experts. These factors are:

Already having a history of chronic diseases: If you have a family history of heart diseases or diabetes then you are more prone to develop those conditions if you are obese.

Apple shape: People who have more concentration of weight around their stomachs can develop heart ailments, diabetes and cancer than others who have weight spread across their body.

Pre-existing conditions: Those who have conditions of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels also might develop other obesity related illnesses.

Obesity and its connection to heart disease and stroke:

People who are obese can develop heart disease and stroke more easily than those who are not obese. Severe overweight obese problems can also lead to angina and stroke without and significant symptoms. The high blood cholesterol levels linked to being overweight will culminate in a hear attack or stroke. Decreasing your weight even by a small extent can greatly lower your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke.

Obesity and type-2 diabetes:

Obese people have a greater chance of developing type-2 diabetes which can cause blindness, heart disease and early death. You can lower your chances of getting diabetes by leading an active lifestyle and maintaining a well balanced diet.

Obesity and cancer:

Overweight women can develop uterus, breast, colon or cancer of the cervix while obese men can develop cancer of the prostrate etc.

Obesity and gall bladder stones:

Obesity is also linked to gall bladder cancer or gall stones. You must try to lower your weight gradually to prevent this problem

Obesity and osteoarthritis:

Obesity can lead to serious wear and tear of bones and thereby to the condition of steoarthritis. Even simple exercises like climbing up the stairs instead of using the lift or cycling your way to school can keep this condition at bay.

Obesity and gout:

High uric acid in the blood causes deposits in the joints that lead to gout. Obesity also is seen to aggravate this condition and so efforts must be taken to check overweight.

The severe problems associated with obesity is a matter of grave concern and parents, teachers and health care professionals must do all that they can to inducing children and adults curb this problem by educating themselves about this condition and undertake the preventive steps like maintaining a well balanced diet and an active lifestyle.


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