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Teaching Children about Obesity    

It is very important that we teach children the harmful effects of being obese. Obesity might result from a genetic condition, medical condition, stress, over eating or insomnia. The fact that both the parents go for work and multitasking in our day today lives lead to the consumption of easily available or the so called junk foods that in turn leads to obesity in children.

As parents spend too little time with their children they do not educate them about healthy eating habits which in fact aggravates the problem of child obesity. You can use the following methods for children to know about obesity and protect themselves against its ill effects.

Discussing meals: Parents must spend time with their children during meals and should inculcate good eating habits in them. Food habits are easy to change while they are children than when they become adults. Parents should set an example by eating healthy foods themselves as children learn better by taking parents as role models. Junk and oily foods must give way to nutritious and protein rich foods like sprouts, dairy products and fruits. Children should be taught and not be encouraged to over eat but must be taught to eat slowly relishing what they eat. You should also prepare nutritious and balanced diets for children which will help them feel full soon.

Discussing physical appearance: You should teach them the importance of maintaining a good body and an ideal weight. People with obese children must encourage them to be a part of the weight management program and patiently and encouragingly must help them in their way to weight loss.

Encouraging children to take up an outdoor sport: You must encourage children to engage themselves in outdoor sports like tennis or cricket. Just like how you set a time table for study you must compel them to spend their door playing outdoor games everyday. You must also encourage them to exercise daily by either cycling or walking. Swimming is also a good form of exercise. Limit the time for computer games and watching TV as that will make them couch potatoes and lead to an inactive lifestyle.

Teach children about calories: You can also put up calorie charts in your kitchen so that children know how many calories are being consumed by them in a day. This will enable them to stop without a second helping when they understand the harmful effects of being obese.

Say “NO” to junk foods and ice reams: While indulging in a treat like an ice cream or dessert once in a while is ok, you should not allow them to get addicted to refined or processed foods like pizzas, pastas, ice creams etc as they are fattening and will lead to extra pounds.

Include their friends in weight loss programs: Including the friends of your children who are obese too in the weight loss program will help your child lose weight easily as he’ll not look at it as a chore but engage in it actively. Children can also be made to support each other in their weigh loss programs. Parents and teachers must teach children to strictly follow the program and educate them about the advantages of maintaining ideal weight and prevent obesity at allcosts. This is one of the effective way to preventing obesity.

Apart from the above steps you should also encourage children to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables or consume it in juice form. A juice fast once a week is good for both children and adults as it leads to internal cleansing and removal of toxins from the body. Preparing food packed with minerals and vitamins is itself an art and parents must spend some time preparing nutritious snacks and colorful foods with all vegetables and fruits – as color and variety is what attracts children and they can be made to eat the same foods willingly. This is one of the effective child obesity treatment.

Children must be taught the benefits of playing football or volley ball with their peers or family members. You should compel children to play in the open air and prevent them from remaining indoors 24 hours a day. Children should be taught the benefits of maintaining an ideal weight so that they can lead a good and a healthy life in future.


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