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Child Obesity    

At a tender age, it is really delightful to see a chubby child. As this child grows, body should ideally shed this puppy fat and build muscle to prepare one for adulthood. In modern times, more and more kids are not shedding this fat and are accumulating extra, harmful fat that makes them obese. Suddenly, a baby who was all so charming with his/her chubby cheeks and warm smile has a double chin and layers of fat around the waist.

What is child obesity? Child Obesity has been recognised as a serious problem all over the world. For ease of understanding and bracketing, child obesity is denoted in two groups. First group is of age 6-11 year old children and other is of 12-17 year old adolescents. No nation wants a growing population afflicted with serious ailments that can be directly attributed to obesity.

It is a problem that is growing and growing really fast. There are a number of parents who give in to the demands of children when they want chocolates or junk foods. School canteens storing these harmful foods in abundance makes their accessibility easy for the child. It has been reported that number of children undergoing treatment for obesity related diseases like hypertension, diabetes and asthma is on the rise. Child obesity brings growing children under the ambit of serious diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Prevention is always better than cure. In this case also, it is essential to pin down reasons leading to child obesity and save our future generations from disease ridden years.

Understanding Causes of Child Obesity

Like adults, children also are prone to reasons that lead to obesity. Only difference being that in children it happens faster due to slower immune system. Amongst many causes for obesity, at least three can be pinned down easily. Once identified, it becomes easier to prevent child obesity from occurring.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

In recent times, there has been a greater proliferation of unhealthy foods in the market. Unscrupulous manufacturers, who are not bothered about hygiene standards, are bringing in products high in calories and sweeteners that make them irresistible. World has become a big cauldron of a kitchen where foods from all parts of world are easily available. Whether or not these foods stick to healthy diet levels, is not known. A large variety of junk foods like jerkies, caramel popcorns, burgers and so on are making addicts of a whole generation of kids. Once hooked, children find it very difficult to give up these junk foods and end up being obese. It is the duty of parents to ensure that their children get healthy diet. It is essential to look after the dietary needs of a growing child rather than be caught up in following own ambitions blindly.

No Play Means Child Obesity

Television is creating kids who are glued to it 24x7 and do not undertake any physical activity. Just like an adult, it is essential for kids to undertake physical activity to burn all that excess fat. If you find your kid is an avid gamer but not much of a sportsperson, you have a reason to be worried. Research has shown that a large number of kids stuck with computer games and television end up having personality disorders as well as are obese. Take your kid for a walk instead of allowing him to get stuck with television. This will not only give much needed outdoor exposure to your kid, but will build up family bonds also.

It is in the Genes

If one inherits obesity, there is nothing one can do much about it. If it has been gifted to the child by way of genes, it is incurable. Only thing you can do in such cases is take plenty of exercise and have a controlled diet so that some time in distant future, your generations might benefit. There is no denying that in cases of hereditary child obesity, a doctor has to be involved one hundred percent to plan the child's life.

If anyone thought that child obesity is a problem that can be simply wished away, it would only lead to further disasters. It is a big problem in this country and it is here to stay if immediate steps are not taken to put a stop to it.


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