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How Useful Are the Low Carb Diet Pills     
Low carb diet is here to stay. It is not a transitory fad that would change with the times. People are aware that low carb diet helps in keeping the weight down. This reflects in a healthy heart and body.

So, as the awareness of the low carb diet increases, low carb diet pills are being manufactured and marketed on a larger scale. These are designed to absorb the excess carbs in the diet.

Smart carb diets: Now people who are weight and health conscious, like to follow smart carb diets. Here the carbs are included in the food, but in moderation. And the carbs included in the food are chosen carefully. The bad carbs – e.g. refined sugar, rice & pastries, refined flour products like white bread etc are avoided. Only ‘good carbs’ or slow burning carbs like whole-wheat products are included in the diet.

Sweets, rice etc are the simple carbohydrates, which burn up quickly and are absorbed fast in the body. As much as anyone would like to stick to a proper healthy diet, once in a while everyone does slip into heavy carb food. On such occasions low carb diet pills can come to the rescue. These pills can aid in converting ‘bad carbs’ into good ones. They turn the fast burn carbs like pastas, refined flour products & sweets into slow burn carbs, which would not be absorbed quickly in the body.

Ingredient and action:

The main ingredient of this low carb diet pill is a component called ‘Phase 2’. This works as a carb-blocking ingredient. It has been clinically tested and the results have shown that it prevents storage of excess calories. This Phase 2 is obtained from white kidney bean extract. This is claimed to slow down and prevent absorption of carbohydrates. This white kidney bean extract stops starch being converted into glucose. Thus it limits the storage of fat, which results from excess amount of calorie intake.

Phase2 compound also helps in lowering triglyceride levels. It is claimed to be a fat burning component, however these claims are not proven.

These supplements are shown to give best results if they are taken just before a carbohydrate meal.

If a person who is generally on low carb diet, suddenly takes in excess amount of quick burn carbs, then chances are that he would feel dizziness, nausea or may be even diarrhea. Often there are immediate changes in body weight, too. (Acidic foods like lemon etc reduce the rate of absorption of these fast burn carbs into out body)

In such cases a low carb diet pill might help in blocking or reducing the carb absorption in the body.

The effective supplements are shown to reduce the fast burn carb absorption by66 – 75%. Such medications can help in loosing weight. But at the same time if the bad carbs were eaten on a regular basis and in excess quantity, then it would be wrong to expect the diet pills to work for weight loss.

Products in the market:

Dietrine: The company has conducted clinical studies at University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The results were declared as ‘completely effective & no known side effects’. Basic component is same, white kidney bean extract. But there is hardly any definite proof of the effectiveness (in blocking carb absorption or fat oxidation) of this pill.

Carb intercept: It contains only white kidney bean extract. Research conducted on this product (Mayo Clinic) is neither extensive nor confirmed. Although it is claimed to block and absorb the starch, still dieters are advised to stick to low carb diet plan.

Carb cutter: Its main ingredients are chromium, banana leaf, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract, super Citrimax and a vegetable fiber. Gymnema Sylvestre suppresses craving for starch. Citrimax is claimed to help in fat oxidation and the vegetable fiber monitors the blood sugar levels. So this pill is claimed to enhance fat loss, carb absorption block and energy boost. However it is not FDA approved and the side effects like palpitation, restlessness, anxiety and unsteady blood sugar level.

Cheater’s relief: The company claims that this pill controls absorption of fat and carbs, thus reducing calories. Along with white kidney bean extract, it also contains Garcinia Cambogia, cinnamon extract, R-Alpha lipoic acid. But not much evidence of its effectiveness or information about its side effects is available.

Carb block: The main components are magnesium, phaseolin EX, Gymnemamlin, Alpha Lipoic acid and chromium picolinate. No clinical study reports are available, but company promotes it as pills preventing carb absorption and glucose breakdown.

Most of these low carb diet pills advice a low carb and healthy diet along with these pills. Also there isn’t much proof available about the true results of these pills.


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