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Fat Oxidation with Sesamin Weight Loss Pills     
Sesamin is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is a natural lignan, found in sesame oil. It is also extracted from the bark of Fagara plant.

Lignan: A component or molecule that combines with another compound and acts as an ‘activator’, is called lignan. Generally lignan is an anti oxidant that exists in unrefined seeds of many natural foods like pumpkin, sesame, flax etc.

Sesamin weight loss pill also acts as a strong lipid oxidizer. It is also shown to help in anti-inflammatory action.

When an obese person starts reducing his/her weight, the initial results are very good and the fat reduces considerably. But after a point, the reduction in weight is slow or minimal. That is body’s way of processing energy. Body gets used to functioning at particular quantity of body fat. When the person tried to reduce the amount of fat, the body tries to stay put at the particular level of fat it is habituated to. It is called the ‘set point’. For this, the body begins to release less concentration of enzymes, which are required for fat oxidation (or fat burning).

Instead, the body starts releasing the enzymes, which help in fat accumulation. Thus, this mechanism of the body hinders in the person’s efforts to loose fat. So in order to maintain a constant weight loss, it is necessary to stop body’s natural tendency to store fat. For this, the enzyme, which helps in fat oxidation, should be boosted. Sesamin weight loss pill is very helpful for this purpose.

Mode of action:

An enzyme called Peroxisome Proliferator – Activator Receptor Alpha or PPAR Alpha stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids. This enzyme is present in adipose (fat) tissue, muscles, liver, heart and kidney. Sesamin has a synergistic relationship with this enzyme PPAR alpha. Sesamin attaches itself to enzyme PPAR alpha and stimulates its action. This enzyme monitors the metabolism of fat. It helps transcription of genes connected with beta-oxidation of fatty acids and lipogenesis.

Sesamin acts at the cell level of the body. It encourages burning of fat in mitochondria, which is considered as the powerhouse of the cell. Sesamin increases the secretion of enzyme, which oxidizes fat

CPT: This enzyme is present on the outer layer of mitochondria. It covers the fatty acids and takes it in. Increase in quantity of CPT increases oxidation of fat.

UCP: These proteins reduce the efficiency of mitochondria. Thus, mitochondria need more energy and so more calories are used up, effectively reducing the fat.

Apart from these enzymes, sesamin also has effect on leptin levels and can restore insulin sensitivity. Thus sesamin is useful for the diabetes patients also, because it maintains the levels of leptin and insulin.

Along with burning fat, sesamin acts on fat storage, too. Lipogenic enzymes are responsible for storage of fat. These enzymes are present in the liver. Sesamin weight loss pill reduces the quantity of these enzymes, thus discouraging the storage of fat in body.

Ketogenesis is also affected by sesamin. Brain requires ketones for its proper functioning. When a person is on a low carb diet, brain cannot get glucose and it cannot use fatty acids as fuel. Then ketogenesis helps brain with ketones for energy. Sesamin enhances ketone production.

Sesame seeds of oil cannot provide the required amount of sesamin. That’s why a supplement is necessary to get the required level of sesamin.

Apart from burning fat, Sesamin weight loss pill has many other beneficial effects as well:

  • It reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels.
  • It aids in lowering the blood pressure.
  • It is a strong anti oxidant and increases availability of Vit. E
  • It protects liver from bad effects of liquor
  • It also works as anti inflammatory
  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Increases fat burning enzymes and fat oxidation
  • Decreases lipogenesis or fat storage
  • Increases ketone formation
  • Increases insulin sensitivity.

Side effects:

Sesamin products are considered safe, but there were a few reports of sesamin allergies. Also, these may not be advisable if patient is already on diuretics.


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