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Zantrex 3 Diet Pills     
Zantrex is claimed to be five times more effective than the ephedra based diet pills. This xanthine based diet supplement acts as appetite suppressant.

Zantrex 3 diet pills were tested on a group of obese people. They were slowed to keep their usual daily diet without any additional exercise. They were only required to take the active compound in zantrex 3 with a glass of water. The medication was to be taken 15 minutes before meal. Without any specific diet, without any exercise the subjects were fount to lose11.2 lbs in six weeks. This was 1696% more weight loss than the placebo group. It also enhances energy levels.

The ingredients of Zantrex 3 diet pills and their action:

Yerba mate: A natural herb. Along with vitamins, minerals, and fifteen amino acids, it has caffeine of milder type. It works as energy stimulant. Studies have shown that it could be helpful in joint pains and problems of sleeplessness.

Caffeine: This is also used in other diet pills and is universally accepted for its fat oxidation properties. It increases energy and as it hikes adrenalin levels, it is responsible for a greater alertness of mind. It also has diuretic properties.

Guarana seeds: This plant is native of Brazil. A beverage produced from this plant is regularly consumed by the local people. It is known to burn up stored fat. It is not as much acidic as coffee

(As these three main ingredients are forms of caffeine, a single Zantrex 3 diet pill contains the amount of caffeine present in 3-4 cups of coffee. So while taking this diet supplement, it would be advisable to reduce the coffee intake. This may result in jittery feeling)

Kola nut: Among the other components, the kola nut also has the stimulating effects like caffeine. This nut is found in Brazil and in western as well as central Africa. People of these parts use it regularly.

Green tea extract: This is well known for its strong fat oxidation properties. It also works against carcinogens; stop harmful effects of ultra violet rays on skin. The polyphenols present in green tea extract are shown to enhance energy expenditure and thus help in weight loss.

Damiana (leaf & stem): The botanical name of this plant is Turnera diffusa and is found in South America. It is known t stimulate nervous system. It is used in cases of physical weakness, depression and headaches. But it is contraindicated in cases of diabetes, Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s or in schizophrenia. This is an aphrodisiac that works for both male and female. It is useful in anxiety induced sterility or impotence problems.

Schizonepeta: This natural herb is found in China. It is dried and preserved during autumn and early winter. It is found useful in the conditions like fever, cold, influenza. Sore throat etc., because it enhances perspiration. It is also found useful in lessening inflammation.

Ginseng (Tibetan & Panax): Ginseng is known for its multiple functions. Since ancient times it was used in China to increase immunity, enhance energy and equalize body functions. The catabolic hormone cortisol causes stress and affects the muscles. Ginseng cuts down secretion of cortisol, thus reducing stress. It is also used against male impotence.

Maca root: It is found in Peru and is used in daily diet. Like ginseng in China, this root is used since old ages in Peru and is called Peruvian ginseng. This component of Zantrex 3 diet pill, also works more like an aphrodisiac by enhancing physical stamina. This root looks closer to a radish.

Side effects:

Zantrex 3 diet pill is not advisable in cases of high blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes or stimulant sensitive patients. Main components are caffeine and aphrodisiacs, so along with the side effects of caffeine, the aphrodisiac effects are also prominent in this diet supplement.

  • Enhanced perspiration, anxiety and jittery feeling
  • GI problems, nausea, diarrhea
  • Accelerated heart rate and hike in blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diuretic effect
  • Uneasiness, irritation, cold sweating etc
  • It can turn to be habit forming due to its caffeine content.

It is not advisable for the pregnant women. And also patients with thyroid problems should not take this supplement without physician’s advice.


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