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With the craze of fitness spreading, a new piece of equipment hits the market everyday. There are so many choices, it is overwhelming. There are marketing hypes and then there are facts. Here is a review of most commonly used fitness equipments.

Treadmills- Treadmills are the most common choice of people who want to work out in a gym. Many types of fitness equipments come and go, but these have passed the test of time. And the popularity of treadmills increases every year. There are numerous treadmills available in the market and buying them can be an intimidating task. It comes down to the personal choice, preference and budget. Treadmills can be electric or manual. In manual, you use your feet to push the belt under you than the motor doing it. If you are lightweight, it may be difficult to get the treadmill move at all. But at the same time, if you are heavy, you might still find it difficult. Users find them tedious and feel that the cheapest electric treadmill is better than this. There is wide range of price in electric treadmills. The cheaper ones can be bought for less than $1000 but are found to be less stable and offering fewer features. These also have smaller and narrower belts. It is also important to go for a better warranty coverage. It should include more parts and for a longer time duration.

Elliptical cross trainers- these are also known as cross trainers. While stimulating running or walking, they reduce the joint pressure and reduce the risk of injury due to the pressure. It happens as the user’s feet stay on the pedals. These trainers are capable of burning large number of calories as they work on multiple muscle groups. It provides impact free total body workout. An elliptical motion gives the weight bearing element to the exercise.

Weight Lifting- There are numerous choices when it comes to strength training exercise equipment. There are free weights such as dumbbells and barbells which are best choice for building significant muscle mass. Other types of weight lifting equipments are smith machines, adjustable dumbbells, barbells, weight benches, Haulin hooks, weight lifting gloves and weight lifting belts.

Ab machines- It is now widely known that it is not possible to have a spot reduction by working on a particular muscle group. So, a good abdominal machine strengthens and tones the stomach. Combining that with healthy eating habits and regular other forms of exercise will fetch you fabulous results. It is possible to do sit ups and crunches without the help of these equipments as well. But if you think that they can provide you with persistence and consistency, then you can opt for them. Properly used, these machines can strengthen and tone the stomach.

Exercise bikes- These are one of the most favorite of consumers. Few important things to look out for before buying are comfortable saddle, operation should be quiet, resistance should be adjustable and warranty should be for longer periods of time. The warranty on stationary bikes can vary from 3 month to 5 years. And compare the prices as exercise bikes very greatly in price. The range could be from $150-$500 if you are going to use it as a means of exercise and not as a professional biker.

Home gyms- The most important considerations while buying a home gym are cost and space. The more you pay, the more exercise stations you will get. Just keep in mind what purpose you are going to use it for. There is a choice of stacking the weights or free weights. If you are using the home gym for the sake of convenience, then its better to go for stack weights. Home gyms for the purpose of daily workout should cost you between $250 to $1000.

Heart rate monitor- Heart rate monitor accurately monitors the heart rate so that effectiveness and benefits of workouts can be maximized. They are compatible with most of the fitness equipment and require a simple synch when you start training.

Rower- Rowing machine is the best option for people who are bored of treadmills and other fitness equipments and need some new machine to train when the weather is not cooperating or if you need low impact cardio and strength training workout. These machines are available for novice users as well as ones that are as good as a rower.


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