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Nearly all of us know the importance of exercise and staying fit. But, most of us, especially women tend to ignore it and do nothing about it. As a result, we all suffer from a lack of good health and fitness. Most of us, especially women know very little about health and disease. We do not even make an effort to read about our general health and well being and how we can make our life better by adopting a healthy lifestyle and making exercise an integral part of our lives.

There are some useful tips to maintain an ideal body weight. As women age, there is higher risk of osteoporosis. To maintain a good health and make your body strong, it is recommended to take care of few of the following, if not all. Fitness tips for women:-

Don’t take stress of not being able to work out. It is not necessary to spend endless hours at the gym or go for jogging every morning. What really counts is that you should be able to commit to improving your health and fitness. As per general guidelines, it is advised to workout 3-5 times a week, for 20-60 minutes. If your busy schedule does not allow you this, then do not get frustrated. Working out twice a week for 20 minutes is enough to put you on the right track.

Don’t overdo. On an average, women’s health does not permit the workout for more than an hour at a stretch. Overdoing can become boring and tedious. Improve the quality of workout rather than the quantity. You will be able to make your workout sessions more efficient and enjoyable.

Get support- If you usually workout alone, try working out where more people are involved. Working with other people gives the greater sense of kinship and can promote healthy competition. You can join yoga, pilates, running clubs or golf courses. Such activities are one of the best means when it comes to women’s fitness.

Don’t criticize yourself. Any new health or fitness routine needs commitment and discipline. It involves a lot of hard work as well. It is important that you do not put too much pressure on yourself. Set short term and long term goals, and celebrate in a small way when you meet them.

Plan your meals. Don’t eat anything and everything that you get your hands on. Even while grocery shopping, read the labels and nutritional values. Make the smart choices. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of packaged food. Use products made up of whole wheat rather than wheat flour. Reduce salt and sugar intake and limit the intake of coffee, tea and cold drinks. Instead, go for water. Spread your meals throughout the day. Try to eat 2 hours before the bedtime so that the food gets the time to get digested.

Take measurements- When you start any exercise routine, it is not necessary that you will lose weight in terms of pounds. But, you maybe are getting in better shape. The best way to find out is to maintain a diary. Take the following measurements

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Weight

Check these measurements regularly and you will definitely see some positive changes. If after working out regularly and taking well balanced meal, still you are not able to lose weight or reduce inches, then maybe, that particular exercise routine is not working out for you. You may talk to an expert and find out a more suitable routine for yourself.

Work towards increasing your core strength, balance and flexibility. Use yoga, as this works wonders for you spine and body stability. This will also help you maintain a posture, strength and balance.

Have a positive attitude. Just focus on why you are doing this. By exercising, you are investing in yourself. It is easy to get distracted and focus on all that you are giving up for exercising. But instead, shift your focus to what you are gaining.

Lifting weights will not make you look huge. For women, the levels of testosterone are quite low. So, your muscles will never burst out of your clothes. I should be an important part of your daily exercise.

Don’t get too caught up in the basic rules of exercising that you get petrified even to get started. Those are some general guidelines, but each body is different. So, as long as you follow the very basics and your body does not hurt after few repetitions, you are doing just fine. Gradually, try to follow the usual patterns.

Which ever fitness tip for women you decide to follow, it is important to consult your physician and get the regular checkup done. The change must also be gradual.


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