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Old people who are retired usually feel bored as they do not have much left to do. Their responsibilities are over and now they lead a relaxed life. But, they can make a better use of their time and can feel like youth all over again. The best way to feel good and young is to take a good healthy diet and a controllable exercising routine. This also helps them stay away from various diseases that are common in old age.

Keep in mind the following points, some fitness tips for elderly people-

You must consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program. He might do your physical examination test to make sure that your body is ready for the program.

Carbohydrates, calcium and fiber must be very important part of your daily meals.

If you have had sedentary lifestyle, take the fitness routine slowly and don’t overdo. The change must be gradual.

Walking is one of the very good exercises and does not need any equipment. It helps to get rid of lots of diseases and provides you with overall fitness.

Regular intake of water is must during the workouts. It prevents the tiredness that is felt during exercise routine.

Choose the activity that is fun and you enjoy doing. It can be any sport or any other activity which provides enough cardiovascular exercise so that you are able to continue in the long run.

As we age, the muscular adaptation and elasticity slows down. It is hence very important to do various stretching exercises slowly and carefully.

It is very important for elderly people to stop smoking and drinking as they are the cause of various heart diseases and many other fatal illnesses.

Go for regular checkups. Keep a close eye on cholesterol, blood pressure and other important factors.

When we reach middle age, recovery from injuries and hard workouts takes longs to recover. It is a good idea to take a gap in between the exercise routine. Keep the quality of the workout high but cut down on the frequency.

As we grow older, we need the combination of cardiovascular and strength exercise to combat the mid-life weight gain. This will increase the endurance and will build up muscles so that they can burn up more calories at rest.

At some level, tai chi can be done by almost everyone. It controls blood pressure and improves flexibility and balance. For seniors, it gives balance.

There are few body parts in seniors that are weaker and may need more work. One is neck flexibility to see behind while driving. Also, grip strength so that it is easier to hold heavy objects.

While exercising, never wear shoes with slippery or worn soles. Also, shoes should be of good fitting.

To keep mentally fit, remain socially active and stay involved. Do puzzles, quizzes and crafts. This all contributes to the mental alertness. It is also a good idea to adopt a pet, preferably one that’s easy to look after.

Certain people suffering from certain diseases are more at the risk of falling while exercising. It is important to see a physician regularly for the chronic conditions and get your vision tested atleast once a year.

The equipments being used for exercise must be safe and inspected regularly for defects. And this equipment must be placed in the uncrowded area.

It is very easy to see the physical benefits of regular exercise, but there are psychological benefits as well which are not commonly known. Many studies have been conducted to highlight these benefits and its been shown that when older people exercise, they get more benefits out of the interaction with others their age and it also increases their self esteem. Growing old does not mean growing weak. There are many elderly citizens who have never been to a fitness center or participated in a diet program. But leading an active lifestyle, visiting gyms, interacting with other while all are working out and eating fresh, healthy food is all quite new to them and is having a positive impact on their lives. It improves the fitness levels and emotional well being as well. These were the fitness tips for the elderly, hope it brings about the perfect results for your well being.


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