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Jog to remain fit     

“Healthy mind lives in a healthy body” is a proverb which everyone should abide by it. It is not important that you do exercise regularly, but at least one should exercise for around 1 hour which should be the daily routine and one should exercise regularly to keep one self efficient enough. Jogging is an effective form of exercise and increasingly popular way to keep fit. Jog to remain fit for life.

Jogging is a form of running with a slower pace. Majority of the sports have running element in it which helps in improving stamina. If we exercise on treadmill or run round the block at least few times each week would help in building up the stamina. Running has been recognized for a long time as pretty much the way to get fit effectively. All kinds of running are out there for you to try, e.g. road races, marathons, fun runs, fell running and cross-country. The overwhelming majority of joggers simply run because they enjoy it and they remain fit and healthy.

Your lungs and heart are improved through jogging, no matter what sort you are doing i.e. a slow jog or short fast sprinting. Long distance runs involve aerobic muscle respiration (using oxygen) which needs a lot of muscular endurance. Sprinting requires a high level of muscle power and is classed as anaerobic exercise (doesn't use oxygen).

The maximum exercise routine is a strenuous workout that will improve endurance and increase oxygen intake. Always check whether the exercise is in the right range by a combination of heart rate and breathing. Your heart rate should be within the range for your own age, and you should be able to talk and hear your breathing while jogging. One should jog within the right target heart rate zone.

Traditionally, the most favorable and desirable exercise level is calculated using the person’s age to determine whether it’s vigorous enough to strengthen the heart. Getting "heart fit" means working the heart within the target zone for 20-30 minutes several times a week, enabling the heart to pump more blood without causing weariness. An unfit 40- or 50-year-old who generally breathes rapidly in short gasps and tires after a 15-minute walk will gradually be able to keep up an easy jog or fast walk for half an hour without tiring.

In fact, jogging too hard may make the exercise "anaerobic", leading to exhaustion, and you will no longer be burning fat. Calculate the maximum safe heart zone by subtracting your age from 220; your personal target heart rate should fall within 60-85 per cent of that number. The cutoff (stop or "slow down") point is at 85 per cent of that figure. Exercising above that level does not benefit the heart.

Do the talk and breathing test. Try the voice-and-breathing test developed by University of Toronto researchers as an informal, more convenient alternative to measuring the pulse. You should always be able to talk while jogging - if you can’t, you are working too strenuously. Due to the large amount of impact associated with jogging your bones density will be maintained at the very least, more often than not density is increased so as to strengthen the bone helping to reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis in later life.

Which ever you decide on, the super thing about going for a jog is that all you really need is a good pair of shoes and some enthusiasm. In terms of clothing and equipment your shoes should fit well and be comfortable, seamless sports socks are ideal. Clothing that is comfortable and not movement restrictive is important. During the summer shorts and a t-shirt work well. Winter typically involves a tracksuit and a lightweight windproof/ waterproof top.

Many people come across problems with motivation, particularly in the beginning stages. Create realistic weekly aims; make jogging a habit that is always part of your daily routine. Record your progress and where possible try to get help from others, i.e. try and run with friends at least couple of times in a week.

Safety wise, it is best to run with other people at night, sticking to well lit routes and informing people of your whereabouts. Bright/ reflective clothes should be worn at night or in poor visibility weather. Jogging is recommended when your body is perfectly fit; avoid jogging when you are down with some disease or infections. So jog to remain fit.


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