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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Only if you understand the science behind this statement will you be able to implement it as a part of your daily routine. As per the latest research, eating a heavy breakfast is the key weapon to fight obesity.

Many of us who want to lose weight skip breakfast. As a result, we end up eating fewer calories and lose weight. This is a logical argument. But as per the studies, it has been observed that if you skip the first meal of the day, it increases your chances of getting obese. This obesity can lead to various health problems such as heart disease, BP and Diabetes.

It is more common in teens to skip the breakfast to save on calories. But as per the study, daily breakfast eaters consumed a healthier diet and were physically more active as compared to breakfast skippers during adolescence. Also, after the period of five years, the daily breakfast eaters tended to gain less weight and have lower body mass index.

The metabolism is the rate at which calories are burnt by our body. When you skip a meal, the body goes into the starvation mode. In this mode, the body tries to conserve calories and stores the food consumed as fats. Continuing this routine can lead to serious hormonal changes and metabolic disorders. It then becomes more difficult to maintain or lose weight. In many cases, body starts to breakdown the muscles for fuel. During this process, the broken down protein releases nitrogen which is rapidly washed out of our system by water released from the tissue cells. As we lose water, we lose weight. But, it can be gained back by drinking water again. But the muscle loss is not easily replaceable.

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the most effective ways to rev up your body metabolism. It will give you more energy and will help you lose weight. Increase you metabolism by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

To prevent binging, eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. This helps body work better and more efficiently. People who eat healthy breakfast end up consuming less calories and saturated fats and usually have better nutritional status as compared to those who skip their breakfast.

A healthy start is a must for a healthy day. A good breakfast provides you with a positive attitude and energy in all fields of life. For students, eating breakfast means improved grades and better performance in sports.

As breakfast increases the basic metabolism of the body, you end up burning more calories first thing in the morning. Taking breakfast also helps to maintain a steady weight.

A study comprising 2,900 Americans between ages 18-30 spread over the time of 10 years showed a daily breakfast may reduce the risk of becoming obese or developing signs that lead to diabetes (insulin resistance syndrome) by 35% to 50% as compared to people who skip the morning meal. Skipping breakfast makes you binge and eating more calories for the rest of the day.

As per a recent study, people who regularly eat their breakfast are 53 percent less likely to become obese or diabetic. It has been proved that people who take time to have a hearty breakfast are leaner than the people who skip it. Skipping the breakfast increases the risk of obesity by four times.

As a breakfast choice, it is best to eat whole grain cereals and other nutritious foods. Key is to have a healthy breakfast instead of skipping it as a means to lose weight. Avoid having bacon, muffins or hash browns which do not provide enough fiber. Instead, choose a cereal that has atleast 6 grams of fiber. It should not have more than 10 grams of sugar. To avoid obesity due to breakfast, have non-fat milk and bananas. Eggs should not be consumed in large numbers as it increases the risk of heart disease. You can have one egg per day.

The dose-response findings between breakfast frequency and obesity risk, even after taking into account physical activity and other dietary factors, suggests that eating a healthy breakfast may have important effects on overall diet and obesity risk, but more experimental studies are needed to confirm these observations.


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