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Lazing around with no work but with delicious food is what every person wants to do. Almost every individual irrespective of his age are becoming the victims of obesity because of this reason. The facilities that the modern day is providing have left us with very less physical work. Apart from this, easily available fast foods and calorie rich food has spoilt today’s generation completely. Even children are fast becoming the victims of obesity because of the same reasons. It has been estimated that nearly 20% of children in every nation are obese. And also obesity has trebled since the 1980's.

What is obesity?

Obesity is the extra fat in the body that gets deposited because of the increase in the intake of calories and at the same time because of the less expenditure of the calories that are consumed.

Why is it not good to be obese?

People who are obese are vulnerable to several diseases and health conditions. Obesity acts as a catalyst for several diseases like Pickwickian syndrome, Sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, Gout and gouty arthritis, Gallstones, Cancer, Congestive heart failure, Heart attack, Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA), High cholesterol, (hypercholesterolemia), high blood pressure (hypertension), Type II (adult-onset diabetes), Insulin Resistance.

How can obesity be prevented?

One can prevent being a victim of obesity by controlling his weight. Obesity makes a person overweight. Being over weight is a mental torture that prevents a person from socializing normally. Apart from this it encourages several health problems. So, this shows that it is utmost important to prevent obesity. There is no rule that only obese should follow a strict diet to lose weight. Even normal individuals should maintain a healthy life style so as to prevent obesity.

How to control weight?

Weight control is one task that cannot be completed easily. Most of the people have to struggle a lot to control their weight. A steady weight can be maintained with the help of a strict diet and regular exercises. This helps in controlling the intake of calories and the exercises help in shedding of the extra calories present in the body.

Diet to control weight:

A healthy diet should not contain soft or aerated drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks, chips, fried foods, crackers, etc. This is because all these foods are rich in calories and increase the weight of a person in no time. Apart from this, these foods do not give the feeling of satiety or fullness as they are very light weighted and have no fiber. This urges the person to eat more.

A healthy obesity diet should always include water. Water is the elixir of life. It is necessary for every single mechanism in the body. It hydrates the skin and flushes out the toxins from the body. When consumed along with the food gives the feeling of fullness or satiety which discourages the person from eating more.

Less but frequent meals also help in controlling the weight. These meals contain fewer calories than the large meals. And frequent eating prevents the excess insulin production in the body. This prevents the excess fat storage in the body.

Lots of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber should be included in the diet.

Exercises to control weight-

It is very important to exercise regularly to control the weight. If the physical activity of the person declines, very less calories will be burnt. And the excess calories that are not burnt will be deposited in the body. This will increase the weight of the person eventually. To prevent all this it is necessary to exercise every day. Simple cardiac exercises are sufficient to control the weight. Few of the simple cardiac exercises are mentioned below.

Brisk walking- best for women and old ones.

Swimming- Swimming helps in burning a large amount of fat in no time.

Aerobic Dancing- Dancing can kill weight in no time

Playing outdoor games- Playing games are the best way to kill the weight.

Jogging- Jogging everyday can also help in losing the extra calories.  

Bicycling- It is also a good kind of exercise to burn fat easily.

Racquetball: Can shed about 800 calories in no time.

These are the effective obesity exercises.


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