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It is much easier to prevent dreadful diseases like measles and polio from attacking people than obesity. Almost every other person is found to be obese these days. No time and more work is leaving people with very little time to take care of themselves. Obesity rate is found to be more in urban areas than the rural areas. This is because, urbanization is full of packed foods, fast foods, diet cokes, etc. Even college and school going students maintain an unhealthy life style because of their surrounding environments. One way to prevent obesity is to follow a healthy life style is by maintaining a strict diet. Even obese people should follow an obesity diet to get rid of those extra calories.

What sort of obesity diet should one follow?

Most of the people mistake diet for starving. People think that by starving they can shed of all the gained weight. But starving will never help in losing the weight. Some times it may end up adding an extra weight. Dieting is nothing but taking adequate food in right portions. The main mantra of dieting is taking fewer calories and shedding more calories by exercising. People who are keen on losing weight can follow the obesity diet given below.

Before deciding what to eat lets see what not to eat. This obesity diet is not restricted to obese people. Everyone must follow this diet daily so as to maintain a healthy life.

Strict no- no’s:

Soft drinks or aerated drinks- It has been studied that a major portion of the population is relying on soft drinks rather than water to quench their quest. These drinks have a very high level of sugar content in them which indicates that these are nothing but baggage of high amounts of calories. When a person consumes these drinks, the blood glucose levels in the body fluctuate. Because of this fluctuation one feels like eating more and more.

Fruit juices- It is always better to eat the fruit as a whole. Fruit juices have sugar added in them. Without additives also only moderate amounts must be consumed.

Sports drink- These drinks have a high amount carbohydrate and sugars in them. These are specifically designed for the sake of sports men as thy need high amounts of energy. Normal people should avoid them as they do not work out so much.

Chips and other fried foods- these foods are full of saturated fats, salts and carbohydrates. They have loads and loads of calories in them. And people who are obese should not even dream abut eating them.

Crackers- These are also no different from the chips. They have very high amounts of carbohydrates in them.

Do’s in obesity diet:

Water- Drinks as much amount of water as you can in a day. Water hydrates the body and flushes out toxins. It also gives the feeling of satiety or fullness.

Eat in smaller quantities but eat frequently. Large meals increase the sugar levels in the body which also increases the insulin content. People feel hungrier and more and more amounts of fat get deposited in the body. To prevent this one should eat less but many times a day.

Foods with low calories- Vegetables and fruits have low calories and necessary nutrients that are required by the body. Consuming them is good for health.

Only the following food portion sizes that too occasionally must be consumed as a part of the obesity diet.

A single serving of vegetables or fruits which must be equal to the size of a woman’s fist or approximately the size of a baseball.

Half cup of any ingredient like cooked or uncooked vegetables or fruits or cooked rice or pasta must approximately of the size of your rounded hand.

A single serving of meat or fish or poultry or pork chop or chicken breast of the size of a deck of cards.

A quarter cup of dried fruit or nuts equal to a golf ball or a large egg.

Half cup of ice cream equal to a tennis ball.

One serving of pancake or small waffle of the size of a pancake.

One teaspoon of peanut butter equal to your thumb tip.

A single serving of cheese equal to a six dice.

A serving of fish equal to a check book approximately.


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