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Treating obesity is a difficult task. People should have a lot of patience while dealing with obesity. To help out people with this process there are a wide number of options available. But one must know which one to opt for since all of them are not good for health. Fad diets and weight loss pills are a strict no- no’s. They play havoc on one’s health. So, one must be aware of every sort of treatment available for obesity including their hooks and claws.

What sort of treatments can help in fighting obesity?

Obesity can be fought either by surgical or non surgical methods. The following are the list of options available for the obese people.

Non surgical methods: Obesity can be effectively treated with the help of a perfect diet and exercises. This procedure is time consuming and most of the times test the patience of the person. But this way of treating obesity is very effective and is a complete healthier option.

Diet- Obesity can be controlled and treated by following a perfect diet. This diet should contain fewer calories and at the same time should contain all the required nutrients of the body. An obese person’s diet should not contain the following things.

Soft rinks or aerated drinks- These contain very high amounts of calories. Water should be preferred instead of these drinks.

Fruit juices- Sugar added fruit juices also have a good amount of calories in them. So one must prefer eating a fruit as a whole rather than the juices.

Sports drink- These drinks are for sports persons. So, they are rich in carbohydrates and calories. These must be completely avoided.

Chips and other fried foods- These are rich sources of fats and calories. It is very difficult to stick to only a moderate quantity of these foods as they never give a feeling of satiety or fullness.

Crackers- These are also no different from the chips. They have very high amounts of carbohydrates in them. Even these must be avoided as far as possible.

And a diet should include the following.

Water- water is good for health. Apart from hydrating the body, it also flushes out the toxins.

Small frequent meals- Such meals provide very less quantities of calories and also prevent over production of insulin which is seen in case of larger meals.

Low calorie food- Foods that have low calories must be consumed. Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber come under this category.

One must be aware of the food portion sizes he is consuming.

Exercises: Following a strict diet is just not enough to treat obesity. Exercises are a must with the diet. The following cardiac exercises can help in treating obesity.

Brisk walking- Brisk walking is one of the best exercises for women and elder people.

Swimming- This is one exercise that can burn fat in no time as it needs loads and loads of calories.

Aerobic Dancing- Dancing also burns a large amount of calories. So people who are interested in dancing can take up it as a mode of exercise.

Playing outdoor games- Playing outdoor games like golf, football can also help in burning the fat.

Jogging- Jogging is also a good way of losing fat.

Bicycling- Bicycling needs a large amount of energy to be spent. Therefore people can take up bicycling to kill the extra fat that got deposited in the body.

Racquetball: One exercise that can burn up to 800 calories.

Rock climbing: Is also good idea for the ones who are interested in it.

Other non surgical products like weight loss pills and other weight loss products are also available in the market. But one should not go for them as they have many side effects.

Surgical methods: There are surgical options also available for the people who are ready to spend money. In these surgeries a part of the stomach is clipped so that it allows only some quantity food of at a time and gives the feeling of satiety very soon. This discourages the person form eating large quantities of food. After they reach the desired weight the clip from the stomach is removed. These surgeries have proved to be efficient in many cases.


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