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America is one of the developed countries. It can provide all kinds of facilities to its people. It is one of the top countries in the world. Recent studies have shown that it has been topping in the obesity rate also. Now one should expect a healthy care free life from such a country. But why is this obesity swallowing up America?

Why is the obesity rate higher in America?

America being a well established country is not scarce in anything. Almost every one enjoys food that is available in the country. Great economic power and technological advancement are dominating the practical nutritional knowledge among the people. People find it easier to survive on foods that are easily available along the roadside. Most of them do not realize that it is not safe to binge on loads and loads of food. That is the reason why most of them end up being obese.

Studies conducted by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) have shown that there is an increase of about 60% in the obesity rate from the past twenty years. Even the obesity rate among the young Americans have turned out be tripled from the last three decades. At present about 33% of the Americans are found to be obese. Nearly 300,000 Americans are dying annually just because of obesity.

What is making the Americans obese?

The main reason behind the increasing obesity in America is its unhealthy lifestyle and diet. People here are used to eating fast-food and microwave dinners. Most of them survive on a diet of packaged, processed, and refined foods. People have almost forgotten that pure, wholesome foods exist and also that they are edible.

The advancements in the food industry have discovered ways to increase the shelf life of foods. Because of this packaged foods have come into the existence. Most of the people are unaware that lots of sugar, hydrogenated oils, and plenty more ingredients that are very complex in nature. These ingredients are rich in calories and leave no stone unturned in making the person obese.

Another reason is the increase in the fast food chains in the country. These foods are available with home delivery services that to in a very less budget. But scientists have suggested that these foods have no nourishing materials in them. They are nothing but the baggage of calories. Saturated fats, highly refined carbohydrates, sodium and sugar which are a part of these foods are responsible for the fat deposition in the body. Food centers like Mc Donald’s and other famous eateries provide rich calorie foods like burgers and pizzas. These eateries mainly attract children with their tactics. A single burger contains about 50 grams of fat and 2000 calories. A single burger is enough to make a person obese.

What can be done to stop obesity from prevailing?

The only way by which obesity can be controlled is by maintaining a healthy life style and eating right kinds of foods. All the packaged foods, processed and refined foods should be forgotten. People should start believing that eating at an eatery is equivalent to a crime. Meat products, processed foods, fast-foods, high sugar and high sodium foods should be avoided completely. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes must become the part of the daily diet. Fiber rich foods should be preferred. The frequency of eating must be increased. But one should remember to eat only less quantities every time. People should stop surviving on diet cokes and other aerated drinks. These drinks have a very high level of sugar content in them which indicates that these are nothing but baggage of high amounts of calories. When a person consumes these drinks, the blood glucose levels in the body fluctuate. Because of this fluctuation one feels like eating more and more.

And the next important thing to be incorporated in the American life style is to exercise daily. This will help in shedding off the extra calories that got incorporated into the bodies of the Americans. Simple cardiac exercises like Brisk walking, Swimming, Aerobic Dancing, Playing outdoor games, Jogging, Bicycling, Racquetball, Rock climbing are more than sufficient to get rid off obesity.

All the above things can help out Americans in the war against obesity.


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