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Obesity is one epidemic whose rate is increasing at a very fast pace. This epidemic has made its victims from almost all the nations of this world. It has been quite surprising with the numbers that indicated the rise in the obesity rate in the past few decades. The following are the facts related to the obesity rate.

It has been estimated that the number of obese people have almost tripled from the past thirty years.

During the seventies only about 3% of the children between 2 to 17 were found be the victims of obesity. But now about 10%, i.e. 500,000 children have found out to be suffering from obesity.

In case of the adults, 14% of them were obese during the seventies. And now 23%, i.e. 5.5 million individuals have found out to be suffering from obesity which is a very pitiful condition.

This shows that there has been a large increase in the obesity rate from the past few decades irrespective of the age of the person. And the estimations say that this rate would increase up to 40% in the next five years.

Other than these, nearly 9,000 people die annually just because of obesity.

An obese person generally forgoes a life span of 9 years because of obesity.

Why there is an increase in the obesity rate around the world?

The only answer for the above question would be the unhealthy life style and the diets that the modern generation is used to. Gone are the days when people use to survive on the fresh natural foods that grow on the land. Advances in the food industry and the sudden emergence of the packaged foods have made the people forget that fresh foods do exist. People are so engrossed with their busy schedules that they hardly find any time for preparing a right nutritious meal. Easily available fast foods at the eateries that provide free home deliveries at lower cost prices are also responsible for the sudden increase in the obesity rate. Children are almost surviving on the burgers and pizzas. And most of them have also forgotten that water is also consumable. People have been relying on diet cokes and other aerated drinks from the past few decades. These drinks and fast foods have got very high calorific values that make the person obese within no time. A single burger contains about 50 grams of fat and 2000 calories. One burger a day is enough to make a person obese in no time.

What can be done to stop this ever increasing obesity rate?

It is quite evident from the above reasoning that only healthy life style and good nutritious food can save us from this ever increasing obesity rate. A person can say that he is safe from being obese only when he has swore that he will never consume any calorie rich food. A complete banning of the packaged foods, processed and refined foods is a must. People should forgo the habit of eating at the eateries. These eateries will never bother about the calorific value of the food. They add up all kinds of ingredients like Saturated fats, highly refined carbohydrates, sodium and sugars. The other things that should be banished from the people’s lives are the aerated drinks and the diet cokes. These drinks have very high amounts of sugars in them. Instead people should learn to drink water. Water is very important and is a part of each and every mechanism that occurs within our body. It helps in the hydration process and also flushes out the harmful toxins from the body. And coming to the solid foods, vegetables and fruits rich in fiber must be consumed. The fiber containing foods give the feeling of satiety or fullness which prevents the person from eating more. Even succulent vegetables and fruits must be consumed. These natural foods have all the necessary nutrients in the body that help us in living a healthy life. And also these food items have very less calorific value. Exercising regularly can also help in getting rid of the obesity. Brisk walking, Swimming, Aerobic Dancing, Playing outdoor games, Jogging, Bicycling, Racquetball, Rock climbing are few cardiac exercises that must be included in the daily schedule.


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