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Obesity has become one of the worst epidemics of recent times. It’s not a stand alone problem. Obesity is the cause of many other deadly diseases as well. It has a negative effect of individual, physically and emotionally.

To find out the solution for obesity, it is important to first realize the causes of it. Obesity is not caused by one factor, but a combination of many. Few of the major contributors to obesity are-

Genetics- Obesity can largely be because of your genetics.

Stress- There is not much you can do if it is your nature to stress out. But the fact remains that stress affects your eating habits and can lead you to obesity.

Lifestyle- It is important to exercise regularly, not only to stay fit, but also to keep the diseases at bay. Most of the diseases are related to being overweight.

Diet- Unhealthy eating is another cause of obesity. If your intake of food is more than the number of calories you burn, the extra energy from the food is stored as fat. The more the amount of fat being stored, more and more obese you get. Sugar is one of the worst nutrients that negatively affect the hormonal balance.

Here are few of the solutions to fight obesity-

The best option to fight obesity is healthy diet and regular exercise. Like mentioned before, obesity is not a stand alone problem. It is coupled with few of the most severe diseases such as diabetes and cancer. It can also lead to poor eyesight, high cholesterol and arthritis. The most important aspect is to eat a healthy and well balanced diet. You should not follow and fad diets which deprive your body of some essential nutrients. By following such diets you can lose weight, but you cannot maintain it. Eat a diet which has a healthy balance of proteins, mineral, vitamins and carbohydrates.

If you couple a healthy diet with regular exercise, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Regular workout is as important as good eating habits. You must start slowly and then gradually increase the intensity of your workout. You can either become a gym member or opt for setting up a gym at home. Few of the home fitness equipment are

  • Treadmills
  • Smith machine
  • Dumbbells
  • Rower
  • Stepper

Before you decide to use any of these health equipment, you must consult your physician.

Yoga practice provides an excellent means for maintaining balanced weight and overcoming obesity problem. Yoga postures followed by Sun salutation are very good for removing blockages. They also liberate pranic energy in the body to revitalize our mind and body. Yoga can be done as per your lever of comfort but you should never strain yourself. Doing yoga postures for 30 minutes each day helps in building strength and vitality. Yoga is slow but a sure technique to fight obesity. But, it is also important to follow a healthy diet along with yoga exercise. There are few breathing techniques which can help you de-stress and overcome the obesity in a healthy way.

There are few people who have tried every possible way to lose weight, but without any success. Such people can opt for gastric bypass surgery. It requires few small abdominal incisions to insert a small stomach pouch. Food bypasses lower stomach and some parts of small intestine. The stomach pouch restricts the amount and type of food that can be eaten hence resulting in loss of weight. Only people who weight 100 pounds over their ideal weight with a Body Mass Index of 35 and above are considered for this invasive procedure. But post surgery, it is equally important to undergo a change in eating habits and lifestyle.

There is a need of close harmony between the food industry and other important stakeholders within the obesity epidemic, such as the government, academia, and health care providers. There is a need to educate consumers to make healthier choices through food labeling, physical activity endorsement, and the support of community-based programs. The food industry should also cooperate with the government to guarantee the production and availability of low-calorie, nutritious foods. This can be achieved by giving incentives to industry and also stimulating media participation in the prevention of obesity. The government should develop and support new food technology.

The solution to obesity also lies in awareness. Provide the consumers with a range of health foods, which are reasonably priced and are easily available. Provide consumers with the nutrition information and the options available to them. Help them make a lifestyle change that will overcome the energy imbalance.


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