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Teenage obesity trends are increasing everyday and remedial measures have to be taken to control this problem. There are several causes for teenage obesity which are as follows:

  • Sedentary lifestyle among teenage children
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Too much of TV viewing
  • Unhealthy eating habits

The above are the main causes for teenage obesity. Teenagers try to copy the western lifestyle and resort to eating fatty foodstuffs like burgers, pizzas etc which lead to too much of calories. Teenagers also do not exercise enough and spend the most part of their day before the TV or computer playing games etc during holidays. They come under peer pressure and buy bikes and other vehicles at an early age and do not walk even for short distances. These are the other main causes for teenage obesity.

Measures should be taken to arrest this problem as it will lead to low self esteem and other image problems among children due to their bad physical appearance. They may also grow as obese adults and may be looked upon as persons lacking in self control. Teenage obesity also is the cause for suicides and inferiority among teenagers. Such children must be taught about healthy eating habits by their parents and teachers. Parents must also compulsorily let their teenagers play outside for at least an hour everyday.

They should also accompany their adolescent children to weight management programs and must encourage and not insult them. This will itself prevent a lot of diseases associated with teenage obesity. Teachers must also supervise the eating habits of such teenagers in the school canteens. Teenage obesity can only be controlled by a combined approach by the teachers, parents and health care professionals. Teenage obesity can also be controlled if obese teenager are made to take part in physical fitness programs in schools regularly and if they lead an active lifestyle.


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