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Children’s Fitness Equipment     

Nothing can replace the natural outdoor play and kid’s activities along with other kids of their age group. But, in the times of television, computers and video games, there are fewer options of unregulated outdoor play. This gives a rising concern of childhood obesity. As parents we should ensure that kids must stay active atleast for few hours in a day. And as a parent, you are the best judge of what can suit and benefit your child. Limit the lazy activities and make an effort to take them out to the local park. Enroll them in various sports of their interest. Fitness is not only important for adults, it is equally important for youngsters as well. There are also some equipments available that can be used at home to ensure child fitness.

There are equipment available for younger bodies. Various options available are-

  • Rowers
  • Ellipticals
  • Skiers
  • Moonwalkers
  • Child treadmill
  • Stationary bikes

The children fitness equipments resemble the ones used by adults. They are usually available in attractive colors and have additional padding. The treadmills for kids come with safety features and padded rails.

These fitness equipment help build strength, confidence and act as a groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. Kids gain more confidence as they feel fit and better. It also helps boost their self image. Help kids make a good start and make sure that your child is using the right kind of equipment as per his ability, personality and age. Let them help you choose the right kind of children’s fitness equipment.

After you purchase the equipment, the child will not lose the weight just by staring at it. You need to make sure that the child uses it frequently. Make a routine for your child and keep a fixed time for the fitness routine. If possible, workout with them and try to make this routine a fun time as well. If it is not possible for child to do continuous work out for half and hour, split it into 2 or 3 parts of 15 or 10 minutes each.

The equipment you choose for kids must hold their attention and enthusiasm. There has to be mix of some exercise and fun activities. There are dancing games, game bikes that have obstacle structure or climbing features that make fitness more fun.

It is not advisable to let the younger children lift actual weights. The growth plate of young kids is weaker and if too much pressure is put on tendons that connect the bone to the muscle, it may fracture. The skeletal maturity takes place at the age of 14-16 years in girls and 16-18 years in boys.

Trampoline comes specially designed for kids. It has a non-slip surface and padded handles. It offers tons of physical benefits when kids bounce and jump. It provides cardiovascular endurance, tones the muscles, helps kids to learn balancing and strengthens the tendons and ligaments of feet and legs.

The children’s exercise equipments should have durable finish. They must be small not to overpower the smaller physique. The surface should be easy to clean. There should be footrests and more stability. Make sure that the equipment conforms to the quality standards. Go for the extended warranty.

If the child feels comfortable in using the fitness equipment and does not have to stretch then you can be sure that the equipment is safe to be used by your kid. But in case you have any kind of doubt, it is best to consult a fitness professional.

If your child refuses to use the fitness equipment or indulge in any kind or sports, it is a good idea to consult your child’s doctor. A physical activity for a child with chronic health condition or disability can be modified or adapted as per the child’s need or condition. But it is important to engage them in some kind of physical activity as well.

In addition to everything, free play is also quite important for a child. It is more fun and they also learn a lot when interacting with other kids during free play. There are many games or sports that can be done as a family like playing with a ball, hiking, rock climbing or swimming. You can also play jump roper or hula-hoopes and keep kids busy for hours.


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