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A dog’s lifespan can be increased by up to three years with a proper treadmill exercise. Working on a treadmill gives a good cardiovascular exercise and increase general endurance. Like most of us, even dogs are not getting enough exercise these days. Treadmill for dogs ensure that your dog gets a regular exercise even when the weather is bad and it is inconvenient for you to take him out. It is important to use the energy that is built up inside dogs else they can get destructive. They need physical exercise else they get bored.

The walk on the treadmill by your dog will also give you the idea about how your pet moves. Pet treadmill helps dog owners develop the perfect walk or jogging movements.

You can choose the treadmill based on the size of y our dog. Working at the speed of 3 mph for 20-30 minutes is a good exercise. Make sure to make them warm up and cool down. Walk your dog a couple of minutes before he gets on the treadmill. Let him stretch for a while and again take him for a walk when he gets off the treadmill.

There is no need to buy another treadmill especially for your dog. With some practice, your dog will be comfortable using your machine for daily workouts. Your dog will not put same stress on the machine as you do. He uses 4 legs to walk and there is less relative force.

It is important that you do not feed your dog one hour before or after the workout. He should also not drink water immediately before or after his workout. It is not safe to tie your pet to the equipment. He can get hurt or die of strangulation. Also, you should take him out to attend to the nature’s calls before the workout.

Give some time to your dog to get used to the treadmill. Let him get the feel of it by hearing the noise. To start with, don’t let dog walk on the treadmill for more than 1-2 minutes. Then, gradually increase the time on minute each week. Too fast or too much can hurt your dog. After a week or so, the dog starts feeling comfortable walking on the treadmill.

If you decide to buy a dog treadmill for your canine, make sure that the treadmill offers right kind of adjustments. The belt of the treadmill should be as per the size of your dog. There should be adjustments such as speed, inclination etc. The dog treadmill can be mechanical or motorized. More the functions the treadmill offers, more the cost will be. Motorized treadmill will cost more than the manual one.

If you want safety, then dog powered treadmill is a better option. It provides more control to your pet. But to provide a good training to your dog on the treadmill, motorized version is better. It gives you more control and you can train your dog with different options.

But it is most important to make sure that you buy the treadmill of a good quality. Go for the branded product and the company that you can trust. A good dog treadmill may cost you around $400-$500 to start with. Motorized dog treadmills can cost anywhere from $700-$3000. Different brands, manufacturers and features are the reason for so much cost variation.

Bigger machines cost more than the smaller ones. You need to see the space available in your house. The size of the treadmill should also be in proportion to the size of the dog. The treadmill should be long enough and wide enough to accommodate your pet. It can be dangerous to make your dog use a smaller treadmill.

Not every dog will like to use treadmill. Some will out rightly refuse to use it. If wrongly introduced, dogs can get scared of them. So, take the process slowly and monitor the dog’s process prior to introducing any new routine. All you need is a lot of patience to teach them how to learn. It may take few hours, or few days. Dogs will learn at their own pace. You don’t want to freak your dog out. Just take it slow and follow all the guidelines.


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