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Inspecting Equipment Parts     

The inspection of your fitness equipment parts is very important, no matter what type of fitness equipment you have. All equipments do wear down. Spending just few minutes in inspecting your equipment can prevent serious injuries. If your fitness equipment does not have all its parts working properly it could be dangerous.

It is important to understand that equipment parts actually wear down with time and usage. They also degrade or break and might need replacement. It is equally important to know when there should be replacement of equipment parts. For that, you need to do evaluation and examine your fitness equipment. If you have a gym at home, you must do periodic inspection of the equipment. This way, you can find the fault early before the machine breaks down and it can save you quite a lot of money.

If you do not work out regularly, it is still important to inspect your equipment and its parts for any kind of wear and tear.

For example-

When using the treadmill, you must check for lubrication of the belt, start/stop button and its display panel.

Look for any loose hardware, loose pedals, frayed wires and loose cranks.

Pedal cranks can become loose and cause damage.

Replace or repair any damaged or worn out parts. If you see and loose hardware, make sure to tighten it prior to any exercise session.

All the equipment should be checked for structural integrity. This includes handles, braces, welds and framework of the exercise fitness equipment.

In case of pulleys, inspect and align them once in a while.

If the exercise equipment has display panel, or electronic monitoring system, test it regularly.

Everyday, perform the visual inspection of the equipment for any kind of wear or breakage of any component.

For exercise bikes, inspect the handles, seat, grips, pedals and support legs.

If the equipment offers the resistance as a means of intensity of exercise, check equipment for smooth and proper operation through all degrees of resistance.

For exercise bikes, inspect and adjust drive belt for wear.

Check the odometer of the bike for its proper functioning.

Bolts of all the equipments must be checked and tightened atleast once a month for safety.

Electrical system for all the exercise equipment should be inspected periodically.

For the treadmill, visually inspect the equipment periodically for wear or breaking off of any functional component. Walking belt is one of the most important part of a treadmill and bears most wear and tear. Inspect the walking belt and adjust the tension and tracking.

Treadmill belt needs to be lubricated, depending on the model. Check the controllability of walking belt speed.

The electric weight selection system should be checked periodically for proper operation

In case of rowers, skiers or steppers, it is important to inspect the pivot points and moving parts. If the motion is not smooth enough or if there is any kind of noise, lubricate them with the prescribed oil in a prescribed manner. If you are not sure, then read the manual provide with the equipment. In case of any doubt, talk to the customer care.

Hydraulic cylinders must be inspected for seal leakage. Replace them if necessary.

Maintain a log of exercise equipment inspection and note down everything that you observe or perform. Making note of things that need to be done in a few days time helps keep tracking a record.

Every gymnasium, whether at home or in the gym, needs monthly and annual equipment parts inspection. This inspection can be carried out by professionals. Or, you can do the monthly inspection on your own. A stitch in time saves nine. It is more cost effective to keep the exercise equipment in good shape by inspecting their parts that have to pay for disposal and replacement. It takes much less time than you actually think and can save you lots of money or can prevent some serious health injuries.


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