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Excellent Fitness Equipment     

Getting into shape and staying that way is important for your body as well as mind. It makes you feel good about yourself and you look good as well. It does not matter what shape you are in right now. The important this is to get started. You can either choose to work out on any fitness equipment or you can choose any outdoor sports.

Becoming a gym member can be expensive. And then, everyday, you need extra time to drive down till the gym for your regular workouts. But at the same time, you get the company and your workouts can become more enjoyable. But many people opt for working out at home. They can set up a gym at home and work out as per their convenience.

Few of the excellent fitness equipments are:-

Treadmill- No matter how many new fitness equipment hit the market, fitness conscious people always want to buy a good treadmill. It is the excellent fitness equipment especially for cardiovascular workout. Treadmill is designed to enhance the most popular form of exercise- running and walking. Treadmills continue to gain popularity as they are able to give results. Treadmills offer many features that can meet anything your training demands. It has hills, intervals, long distance, tempo etc. You can use them at the convenience of your home while watching tv or keeping an eye on the kids. If you decide to have a treadmill at home, go for a good quality one. Make sure there is enough space available to stretch and walk around.

Elliptical trainer- Elliptical trainer is becoming one of the most favored pieces of fitness equipment after treadmill. They provide a low power workout. There are intensity levels that you can control and adjust the level of resistance. Look for a good quality elliptical trainer with a warranty. They may cost around $1000 that will give you same cardio benefits as a treadmill. They provide an effective fat burning workout. They have low impact on knees and ankles and don’t need much maintenance.

Stationary bikes- Stationary bikes are not very popular but they provide you good exercise. They provide excellent cardiovascular activity. They help in toning muscles, burn fat, increase BMR, increase stamina and increase the fitness level.

The exercise ball- This ball is used for the physical exercise and strengthens the core body muscles that help to stabilize spine. Ball exercise can be done to strengthen almost any muscle group in the body.

Rowers- A good rowing machine can keep you in good shape during long cold winter months when there is not much real water for rowing.

Weight lifting benches-These benches are adjustable, sturdy and have additional attachments such as dip handles and pull up bar. They are not very expensive and provide a good muscle work out. They are usually compact and have good padding. They come with built in wheels for easy mobility.

Resistance equipment- Chest expanders, weighted balls, bands, resistance rings are some of the resistance equipment. They give resistance to the movement and provides a work out as in weight training. If you do not want to build muscles but are looking for slim body, these can be very helpful for you.

Ab machine- Ab machines target the ab muscles and provide a full range of motion for stimulation. A good abs machine will fit your body type and strength level but it will not lead you to a higher risk of strain or injury.

Total Gym-It is perfect exercise equipment used to tone and strengthen the muscles.

If you want perfect fitness equipment for your workouts, ignore any product that claims to give you long lasting results with no sweat in a short time. These claims are false and you must realize that you can’t get benefits unless you work hard.

Also, spot reduction is not possible. Work out for the entire body for a tones look. Look out for warranties and guarantees. Go for the products that have return policies.

Know your budget and space available. If you are planning to buy an excellent fitness equipment for home, don’t go for commercial fitness equipment as they are expensive and don’t suit the home use. Buy the products from reputable manufacturer and don’t shy from asking questions from a salesman.


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