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Free Weight Fitness Training Equipment    

A gym is usually decked with state of the art machines to help you tone your muscles. There are different machines meant for different parts of body. Some machines will work on your upper body whereas others will concentrate on your thighs and calf muscles. Amidst all this, you will find number free weights which are a different category of fitness training equipment.

When you are looking to build your home gym, you will be inundated by a huge variety of fitness machines available in the market. All these machines have only one aim, to provide you with exercise benefits from different angles. Some of them might be worked to tone your muscles but a majority of them will be of aerobic natures that stimulate your heart rate, making you burn more calories and shed weight. In addition, you will come across a wide variety of free weights in the form of dumb bells or bar bells. Free weight fitness training equipment is as effective in physical work out as any other machine.

One might ask why to undertake weight training. A number of people have this doubt that if they lift weights, they will end up having huge muscle mass that will turn to fat with advancing age. There is a difference between weight lifting and weight training. Weight training refers to lifting of weights done after a run on treadmill or after a brisk walk or even a warm up routine that stretches your muscles. Weight lifting involves cold lifting of weights along with special attention to a particular group of muscles with supplements. It has been medically proven that weight training lowers risk of heart troubles greatly. Free weights help you in weight training and thus help you burn calories.

Understanding Free Weights Fitness Training Equipment

There is nothing very complicated in understanding free weights. Exercising with free weights is done with weights made of concrete or steel. In modern times, you will hardly see weights made of concrete, although newer trends have carbon fibre weights available. These weights are not tied to a machine and can be freely taken from one place to another, thus earning the sobriquet "Free Weights". These are in use since ancient times and some old civilisations have been known to use them for developing martial arts skills.

The best part about free weight training is that; you do not need any training. These are simplistic in nature and can be undertaken by a novice as much as by an expert. Only thing you need to learn is correct posture and correct breathing techniques to realize full benefits of this training. If you can't find dumbbells, you could substitute heavy stationery items like books for a work out. Free weight fitness training equipment is available at any sports shop with clear markings showing weight category of each one. The best part is that they do not need any installation, so you can easily store them alongside your home treadmill. They are economically viable too; unless you want to buy silver dumbbells with chrome plated edges.

Free weight training needs to be increased gradually in effort. If you are just a beginner in weight training, you could start with bicep curls with a ten pound dumbbell and slowly increase the load as you feel that you are able to handle ten pounds easily. It is essential to understand your lifting limit else you can severely harm your muscles.

If you are building a home gym, along with a treadmill, you ought to invest in free weight fitness training equipment. Free weight ensures specific training as opposed to machines. Free weights have the advantage that you can do repetitions concentrating on a specific muscle group. They help you achieve balance as well. Since most of free weight training is carried out in standing posture, you develop a healthy sense of balance as well. Free weights help you convert loose and flabby fat into muscle that stays with you for a long time. Since muscles burn more calories, your calorie requirements are easily balanced with weight training effort.

The upside of free weight training is that you can undertake a routine anywhere and anytime. You could pack a set of dumbbells in your office gear and help yourself to a work out when required.


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