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Treadmills- Decision of buying a treadmill is not easy. It costs a little fortune and needs space to be kept and used. But, treadmill is the most preferred choice of people for their daily workout routine. If you are uninformed about the terms and jargons, then buying a treadmill can be very intimidating. The major components of a treadmill are-

  • Motor
  • Flywheel
  • Frame
  • Rollers
  • Deck
  • Belt
  • Electronics
  • Display console

Always buy or use the treadmill that is sturdy and well maintained to avoid accidents. You can run or jog and you do not need any training as these come natural to us. You can use them at the convenience of your home without bothering about weather or the time of the day. If space is a limitation for you, opt for folding treadmill. Maintain your treadmills well and wipe out dirt and dust everyday to keep them in a good condition. When not in use, keep them covered.

Elliptical trainer -Elliptical trainers are becoming popular for a cardio workout. They offer adjustable pedals that can vary workout angle and provide more natural ankle and knee alignment. This can help avoid stress related injuries. Elliptical trainers offer two forms of resistance. The first form of resistance is the tension or friction on the flywheel, and the second form of resistance is incline control. Most of the better elliptical but the very low end bargain basement models have a built in heart rate monitor these days.

The display console is the heart of any elliptical trainer. A good console can provide extra motivation and feedback while your using your elliptical trainer.

Exercise bikes- These bikes provide a very good workout for your lower body and are a great piece of health fitness equipment. The bike you use or buy should be comfortable and adjustable. The seat should be easily adjustable. These provide you two main exercise bike seating choices.

Recumbent exercise bikes- They have more comfortable seats and put the biker in a more relaxed position.

Upright Exercise bikes- It is just like a traditional road bike and provides you with the option of standing up on the pedals and really get an intensive workout. They take less space as compared to recumbent bikes.

Dumbells- Dumbells are quite versatile and cost effective solution for the strength training. They are space efficient and hence you can use them at home as well. You can pair them with exercise ball or weight bench and get the instant home gym. You can easily adjust the weights and they are great for quick movements.

Smith machines- A good smith machine should have gunrack front lift-off points for free weight training, multiple bar catches, heavy gauge tubing, built-in selectorized weight stack and built-in tree on frame. If you plan to buy a smith machine, don’t opt for the cheaper version that runs on bushings.

Heart Rate Monitors- If you want to accurately track your heart rate to maximize the effectiveness of the workout, then you must invest in heart rate monitor. They are usually compatible with most of health fitness equipments and you can synch up with that when you start your training.

Weight lifting benches- These are the most important part of home gym and come with adjustable dumbbells. They are fully adjustable, and have add on attachments like dip handles and pull up bars.

Home Gym- Home gyms are available for strength training, rehab work, plate loaded machines, free weights, cages, power rods, single station, and leverage gyms.

Ab Machine- The biggest question with Ab machines is do they work or not as advertised. It is important that your ab machine targets all the ab muscles and obliques. It must target the upper abs, lower abs, oblique muscles and intercostals with deep stimulations from various angles. Your ab machine should also be comfortable and adjustable. It should be able to adjust to your body type and strength level so that you do not strain your back or get injured.

Rowing machine- Working out on a good rower can help keep you in a good physical shape. During winters, when you cannot use the rower outside, these rowers are the perfect option for serious rowers. This is a very good option for serious rowers who need to train and keep their edge. Rowing machine, therefore, is health fitness equipment which words wonder for your body.

All these are excellent as health fitness equipment. They cost a little fortune, but are a good investment if you are able to use them regularly to stay fit and healthy.


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