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Your busy schedule is killing you with those extra pounds on your waistline. Due to such situations, you are not able to find time to go to a gym. So why not bring the gym home! That's right, home gym fitness equipment can help you achieve your resolution of shedding pounds without the trouble of commuting.

The choice available is tremendous. There are a huge number of fakes mixed with originals. Key lies in sifting through the fakes and selecting the right home gym fitness equipment for you. Here we list some tips that will help you find the right kind of equipment for you.

You Need Only Basic home gym equipment

When you are on the lookout for gym equipment initially, you only need the very basic things. These would include the treadmill, the stationary bike, the stair climber and the rowing machine. These are the most popular equipment that can help you start your mission of weight loss.

Amongst this basic equipment, treadmill is the most popular and is looked at by many people as the solution to their weight loss problems. It is true to a great extent. Combining the triple benefits of running, jogging and walking, a treadmill should be bought with great consideration. It should have excellent system for shock absorption that's easy on the knees and ankles.

Exercise bikes are the next best option. Between upright and recumbent models, there is not much difference in terms of exercise value. Providing you with benefits of cycling in the comfort of your home, an exercise bike is a great stress buster as well.

An elliptical stepper provides you with simulation of stair climbing, burning your extra calories in the process. It provides an aerobic workout that is best for increasing heart rate and for toning the lower body. For a complete workout, you can look for a stepper that comes with hand grips for upper arm exercise. This system lets you exercise both the upper and lower parts of the body.

Although not very popular, rowing machine tackles your weight problems right where they are concentrated; your abdomen. It provides a complete workout for both the upper and lower body. By providing resistance for the arms, it works out the muscles in that area including the chest and back. The legs and thighs are also involved in the motions and for burning calories, the rowing machine is tops.

Lean Muscle is Always Better

Although basic equipment mentioned here provides you with excellent cardio-vascular workout, it does nothing to tone and build your muscle content. No home gym fitness equipment will be complete without equipment that helps you build muscle as well. You may not be looking to have huge biceps, but meaningful home gym fitness equipment aught to include weight training modules.

A mechanical station with sufficient customisations is ideal for small home gym fitness equipment. Investing in huge weight plates right away is not recommended as you will need to start small and it will be years before you graduate to a heavy duty weight cycle.

How to But Home Gym Fitness Equipment

As a beginner, you must look for an equipment set that provides a weight range of at least 200 lbs. Although it seems a lot, but you will be able to use it after customising it to your everyday needs. At a starting level, you only need to concentrate on being able to support a little more than your own body weight. Once you achieve that goal, you can think of improving your equipment stack as well.

Prior to buying, shortlist the equipment that suits your requirement. After short listing give it plenty of trial to ensure that all moving parts are well lubricated and are free of any obstructions. The cables and pulleys used in the stack must be of high quality and should not appear easily breakable. If possible, ask for weight loading certificates of equipment to know that it can withstand the load it will be subjected to. As a rule of thumb, costly home gym fitness equipment will exude quality. Still, it is better to be cautious and choose the system that provides value for money you spend.


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