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Maintenance of Fitness Equipment     

A good healthy lifestyle helps us have beet and healthier lives. Similarly, maintenance is the key to get the most out of the exercise equipment. A regular care can extend the life of your equipment. This will also save you some money in the long run. Buying a treadmill can cost you a small fortune. So, you need to take proper care of it. Machines now days do not need much maintenance. Still, if you can spare couple of minutes every month to take care of your exercise equipment, you can maintain them for longer time and better usage.

Be Proactive- It is important to buy the fitness equipment from reputable manufacturer. It is equally important that the maintenance products are of good quality as well. These products cost little more but provide superior quality, reliability and durability. These products also come with a warranty. These products help reduce the equipment repair cost later on.

Preventive maintenance- It is advisable to combat the problems before they occur. Have a routine preventive maintenance routine.

Follow the manual- All the manufacturers provide information on general maintenance of exercise equipment. Use the products recommended for your equipment. Read and follow all the instructions carefully.

Free from dust and dirt- Invest in the covers for your exercise equipment. Dust and dirt are worst enemies for the display panel. Wipe your equipment everyday with a dry cloth. The cloth you wipe with should not be dripping wet.

For treadmills, clean the motor cover and deck. Check the operation of stop button weekly. Vacuum inside the motor electronic compartment and under the treadmill every month. Check the lubrication of the machine monthly. Once in six months, check the belt tension and tracking. You should also check the hardware like nuts and bolts every 3-4 months. Cleaning solutions should not be used on the belt. This will impair the lubrication system of the treadmill.

For Elliptical and cross trainers, clean the console and exterior every two to three months. Make sure the intermediate shaft belt is tight enough. Inspect the nuts and bolts every six months.

For bikes, tighten the pedals and handlebars as and when required. Check the seat, pedals and crank arm every 2-3 months. Lubricate the pedal shaft every 3-4 months. There should not be any squeaking noise.

Free weights should be checked for bolts, screws and adjustable mechanism. Make sure that the weight collars fit well. Inspect the weight plate for any cracks.

For steppers, inspect the pedals and tight them if required every 2-3 months. There should not be any squeaking.

No matter how much your exercise equipment is being used, it general maintenance of fitness equipment is crucial to their long life and smooth operations. It is also safer to monitor and maintain the equipment as they can prevent accidents and malfunction.

The user’s manual provides clear step by step guidelines to follow to help you maintain the exercise equipment. Many companies, during delivery, show you exactly what needs to be done in terms of maintenance.

If you have many exercise equipment to maintain, then create the checklist for each of them. Check all the equipment once a month. Checklist should include date, the checks done, the operation performed and possible future problems.

Once you finish you workout, you should always swab off the sweat from any exercise equipment with a dry towel. Our sweat is corrosive and can spoil the equipment in the long run. Also, if you use treadmill, sweat makes the belt slippery and unsafe for working out further.

If you have many exercise equipment and are either lazy to maintain them or just don’t have enough time, you can outsource the maintenance to a reputable company. There are weekly, monthly and quarterly services available for exercise equipment. These companies provide preventive maintenance forms to track the personal maintenance program. They have programs designed to limit wear of the machine and liability to your home in the event of injury during use.

You should always avoid handling the exercise equipment roughly. It is equally important to store the exercise fitness equipment properly when not in use. They should be kept away from excessive exposure to sun and humidity.


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