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Benefits Manual Treadmill or Automated Treadmill     

More and more people are taking to getting in shape for a better future. Hectic lifestyles and irregular eating hours are causing people to gain weight and leading to a number of diseases. The better thing is a rising awareness of impending dangers and inclination to lose weight through different means. Taking a membership of a gym and working out to reduce weight is the path chosen by a vast majority of people. Once you join a gym or think about building a home gym, you are faced with the dilemma of using equipment that you are not familiar with. Before you begin, it is better to understand inherent benefits of a manual treadmill or an automated mechanical treadmill.

A mechanical treadmill does give you the advantage of setting up a rhythm at which you are comfortable while exercising. Various options like speed control, time control and incline control make it worthwhile and keep you in control of what you are doing. Latest ones have built in shock absorbers to safeguard your knees and ankles. However, there are some downsides to using a mechanical treadmill as well. These disadvantages are what exactly can be termed as benefits of manual treadmill.

Benefits of manual Treadmill – What You Need to Know

Before we start listing benefits of manual treadmill, it is essential to understand the difference between a manual and a mechanical treadmill. As the name suggests, a manual treadmill will require manual effort to operate whereas a mechanical one will be automated to a large extent. They differ a lot in appearance as well. A manual treadmill will be sleeker due to absence of motors and various electronic parts. Once you have identified a manual treadmill, you can compare it with a mechanical one to see the benefits.

Cost Factor

The single most important factor that can help you make a decision about building your home gym is the cost. It is not just in the initial costs that a manual treadmill is cheaper. The fact that there is no motor or any other electronic part means that you will not spend on maintenance. This will offset the recurring costs involves with maintaining a mechanical treadmill. This effectively means a lower investment with no recurring costs; leading to a life time of healthier living.

Efficiency of Manual Treadmill

In a mechanical treadmill, only effort you make is the speed at which you run on the treadmill. There is no extra energy being spent by you other than running. A manual treadmill on the other hand demands a lot of participation from you. It is you who will set the pace by your physical effort. Using your thigh and leg muscles you set the speed at which you want to run. This means quicker benefit to your lower body. Since the effort level is increased, you will burn calories faster and eventually, manual treadmill will prove to be more efficient for you.

Save on Electricity Bills

A mechanised treadmill uses heavy duty motor to maintain speed and angle of incline to provide you with exercise benefits. This means you increase your electric bill manifold. On the other hand, the only extra consumption a manual treadmill will ask for is your calories. No motor means no electricity requirement, which means you are burning calories without increasing your electricity bill. In case you live in areas where there are power fluctuations or power cuts, you will be able to use a manual treadmill without fear of a burnout or worse, no work out at all!

Manual Treadmill Does Not Mean Benefits Only !

A manual treadmill has its share of teething troubles. It will take some time to adjust to your pace and effort due to tightness of bolts and other moving parts.

Achieving a useful speed and incline set in a manual treadmill is quite an irritating thing. Since the pace you can achieve is totally dependent upon your effort, you will be exerting more than required.

These are only a few of the benefits of treadmill compared with disadvantage. You can get to know the real deal only once you start using it. Each of the type of treadmill has its advantages and disadvantages, so make a choice after understanding clearly.


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