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Treadmills are one of the most popular machines for exercising. Using treadmill for aerobic activities such as running, walking or jogging can result in burning more calories than any other indoor exercise equipment.

A variety of treadmill accessories are available which make it easier to use and increase the convenience of the machine. Treadmills are heavy and can damage the floors below them. The accessories can deal with such issues. There are all kinds of treadmills accessories available ranging from attachments, covers, mats and maintenance kits.

Treadmill power mat is very convenient to use on the surface to make it skid free and noiseless performance of the machine. This power mat absorbs the vibrations produces while you are running or brisk walking. It also helps the fibers from the carpet to get stuck into the parts of your treadmill. It costs around $30. It is made up of super-vinyl component which makes it long lasing, odorless and non-toxic.

If you have the habit of reading books, talking over phone or holding a water bottle while working out, a reading rack can be very useful for you. It is made up of clear plastic and costs close to $25.

Folding treadmill cover is a useful treadmill accessory which is made up of marine vinyl and is UV resistant. It protects the treadmill from scratches and dirt. They cost approximately $15.

Treadmill cleaning kit helps in proper maintenance of it. It has a cleaning solution, a scrub brush, applicator want and the instructions on how to use them.

If there are some small repairs to be done, a home repair tool kit can help you with that. There is no need to call expensive maintenance people.

There are videos available that act as your virtual trainers. They teach you how to use treadmills in an appropriate way.

Lubrication kit helps you keep the treadmill motor anew. It prolongs the life of motor and belt. Keep your treadmill in a perfect shape by using a complete treadmill maintenance kit. This kit contains belt cleaner, surge protector, replacement keys, a towel, belt lubricant.

Cardio caddy is similar to a reading rack. It can be easily attached to treadmill with a clamp and screw system. You can use it to hold walkman or a tv or other remote control. It cost around $20.

There are videos available that provide you the virtual tour to make you feel the environment. They can be beautiful sceneries, a sea shore or a swiss country side. It provides the excitement and a change from the regular routine.

There is a towel that has a zippered pocket and helps you carry small things like a wallet, mobile, keys etc. This towel takes care of sweat and carries your small accessories as well.

You can use safety key for auto stop feature in your treadmill.

Surge protector is a must have for your treadmill. Your treadmill is expensive and you must protect it from any kind of power damage.

Heart rate monitors is an accessory for those who take their treadmill workout seriously. It is important to know your heart rate because if you are working too hard, it becomes counter productive and can strain or damage muscles. Whichever aerobic activity you do, you must maintain your heart rate at some lever for a minimum 20 minutes. The heart rate monitors come with chest transmitter belt with a wristwatch style monitor. It sends data to receiver on the wrist. It also displays time, day and daily reminder alarm.

It is possible to shop online for some good deals on treadmills accessories. They will make your exercise experience better and more enjoyable. You can also shop for the items that have been lost or damaged. These accessories also make the life of your machine longer. Owning a treadmill is not enough. It is useful to buy these treadmill accessories and make your exercise a pleasant experience.

It is also possible to compare various products from different vendors in terms of features provided and cost. It will save you lots of time and will provide more variety. Small investment in purchasing these accessories make sure that your awesome high tech new piece of equipment does not do any harm to your house and provide a pleasant work out experience.


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