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Belt Lubricant Enhance Treadmill     

When we use treadmill, it is natural for it to have the usual wear and tear. It is hence required to maintain the equipment. Giving proper maintenance is crucial for the overall performance of the machine. Once you buy a treadmill, the next most important thing to buy is treadmill belt lubricant to enhance its function. It is important to realize the importance of treadmill lubricant as it will help you maintain your expensive machine and will make its life longer.

The main function of treadmill belt lubricant is to delay the wear and tear and keep it in good condition. Belt is usually the first part that needs replacement. So, by using this lubricant, you can delay this extra cost. Without it, the deck of the treadmill begins to wear down soon and the increase in friction will reduce the life of your treadmill belt.

It is a good idea to read the instructions and recommendations fully prior to buying and using a treadmill belt lubricant. Some of these treadmills don’t require a treadmill belt lubricant and few of them are pre-waxed. Use these lubricants only if recommended by the manufacturer.

When the machine is new, it can run without lubrication for initial few months. But, it would be a good idea to keep yourself updated about the periodic maintenance schedule from the treadmill manual. When considering a used treadmill, it is something to look out.

There is a huge range of treadmill lubricants available in the market. It is important to choose the right kind of lubricant for you machine. There are some fake lubricants that are not meant to be used for your machine and they can adversely affect the machine and may even cause the breakdown.

Treadmill belts can be very expensive. It is hence necessary to take care of it from time to time. The lubricant reduces the friction as belt is in direct touch with the motor inside. Preventing the damage can be much cheaper than replacing. If the belt is not maintained well and is not occasionally lubricated, it can lead to other complications as well especially on the treadmill deck.

There are different types of lubricants. There are wax type, powder, silicone and granular. Silicone is most commonly used. Silicone lubricant also comes in two types- spray and liquid. Make sure you use the appropriate one for your treadmill.

Maintaining your treadmill is not very complex and a little care will enhance the life of the machine. If you are not sure about any maintenance procedure of your treadmill, contact the manufacturer for further information.

Not all treadmills require lubrication, but if they need, it is important to use the proper one. An improper application of lubricant can result in increase wear and tear, poor performance of the machine and the warranty can be invalidated.

Lubricating your equipment once in a year should be enough. Again, it depends on the usage. If you are serious about your workouts, then use the treadmill lubrication every six months.

Before you apply the lubricant, it is important that you unplug it. Lubricant is made up of chemicals and they can act as conductors. Make sure you are using right kind of lubricant. Read the manual thoroughly and make sure that you understand it well. Follow all the directions carefully. Be informed about the brand and the model of your treadmill. In case you are taking help of dealer or company, you need to ensure that proper service is being provided. Taking the small amount of time and consideration that is required is really important. It will reap you positive benefits and will save you huge costs of replacing the expensive belt. Regular maintenance will take less time and will cost less.


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