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Buying a treadmill is a difficult decision as it can cost you a small fortune. Most of us usually lack time and determination which is required to stay fit. Treadmill has always been the first choice of people as means of exercise. Treadmills are very effective way to work out and are quite simple to use.

It has been proved that walking is the best exercise that gives favorable results in maintaining good health and long life. A good treadmill exercise routine do wonders for your health. Treadmill provides a controlled routine which can be very interesting. As you walk or jog on the treadmill, it is quite effective in maintaining a good cardiovascular health. The heart becomes stronger and its blood pumping capacity is increased.

You do not need to spare continuous one hour for the treadmill exercise. If you have shortage of time, you can plan the 10-20 minutes of exercise routine, thrice a day.

A well defined treadmill routine must be a combination of the following-

  • Power blend
  • Upward inclination
  • Speed intervals

If you want to plan a 12 week treadmill exercise plan, you can have different exercises for each day of the week. So, your plan could be as follows-

  • Monday- Augmenting cardiovascular health
  • Tuesday- Speed intervals
  • Wednesday- Cardio walks
  • Thursday- Incline intervals
  • Friday- cardio walks and physical activity
  • Saturday- Power mixes and cardio walks

This is just a skeleton for a treadmill exercise plan. It is convenient to add your routines as per your requirement and preference. If you are really serious about your workout plan then here are few guidelines to make your workout treadmill exercise plan more interesting and effective-

Start slowly. Do not indulge in rigorous routine immediately. Take time to warm up and do the stretching exercise prior to starting your regular exercise plan.

While running or walking, it is important to start by a normal walk. Then, increase the speed gradually. Do the reverse while cooling down.

For the exercise plan to be more effective, you need to interval the plan. For example, run at fast pace for few minutes and then reduce the speed to normal jogging speed. Keep changing the intensity of the work out.

If you are looking for increased stamina, then workout at the sustained speed.

You might have a priority for the time of the day when you like to work out. If possible, workout during those hours. It will help you maintain the plan for longer time.

Brisk walking or running thrice a week increases the level of good HDL cholesterol and protects heart from serious illness.

You should your exercise plan at the slow pace. But keep in mind that you need to cover the considerable distance every time. So, after the initial warm up and stretching, increase the speed so that you can walk at the fast pace. You can then do jogging and finally running. Reverse the cycle when you are cooling down.

You can either workout continuously take few breaks in between the exercise routine. Each way has its own benefits.

When you walk or fun backwards on the treadmill, it works entirely different set of muscles in your body. But you must keep your hands on the side rails while doing it. It improves your balance even if you start at a slow pace.

Initially it might be alright, but gradually you have to learn to let go of the treadmill sidebars. It is not only important to exercise, it is equally important to do it the right way. There is no need to hold onto treadmill unless you are greeting someone.

Whatever treadmill exercise plan you make, it is important to make it interesting and effective. You need to see the results and at the same time you must enjoy doing the same. You can also make many plans and keep rotating them after following each one of them for a few days. Take up new challenges so that you get more comfortable and confident. You are investing your precious time in your exercise plan so try to make it as effective as possible. Try to get the best out of each session and stay motivated.


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