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Due to the increasing popularity of home exercise equipment especially treadmills, there are many models and most commercial models are available with lot of features. Hence selecting a treadmill can be a daunting experience and choosing the right equipment for your body fitness, requires a good knowledge of the product.

Treadmills can vary in price enormously depending on the features and design. Hence you need to have your budget planned accordingly for the required features to meet your fitness requirement. A high end treadmill can cost upwards of USD 10,000, not everyone can or wants to spend USD 10,000 on a treadmill. As with most exercise equipment you get what you pay for. Generally a more expensive treadmill will have a more cushioned running deck and numerous programs as well as heart rate controlled programs.

In order to purchase treadmill equipment, you need to consider the space requirement carefully. You do not want to find that it does not fit in your desired room once it has been delivered. If you have any doubts about whether the treadmill you like will fit in your desired room, measure the room dimension before the purchase.

The basic question to be asked is the usage of the treadmill is it for walking or running, if you intend to primarily use the treadmill for walking then a top speed of 6 mph (10km/h) and a smaller deck maybe all you require. If you are intending on using the treadmill for running then a larger deck, 128cm long and 40cm wide is the minimum we would recommend. The maximum speed of the equipment should be at least 2mph faster than your regular running pace to ensure the life of the treadmill motor and to give more options with the fitness level.

In selecting the correct equipment to meet your fitness requirement, you need to consider who would be using the treadmill. This question usually arises, if someone else will use the equipment other than you. If so, then you will need to purchase treadmill with maximum weight rating above their weight. Also you need to consider the height and other medical factor, such as joint pain for which you will require the equipments to take care of such requirements.

One of the basic features that we see in most of commercial treadmill fitness equipment is to monitor the heart rate. Heart rate control programs work by adjusting the intensity of a program to keep your heart at a preset level. This level will be a percentage of your maximum heart rate, as a rough guide to calculate your maximum heart rate, deduct your age from 220 e.g. if you’re 35 years of age then your maximum heart rate is around 185. Depending on your fitness level you should work out to a percentage of that figure between 55% and 80%.

Most treadmills will keep your heart rate at the preset rate by increasing or decreasing the incline of the treadmill dependant on your heart rate. Some of the more expensive treadmills have a speed controlled heart rate program with adjustable speed levels. Heart rate control programs offer a safe and effective way to workout and keep fit.

It is often difficult to motivate yourself when you’re always using the same routine! Having pre-set or even customizable workout programs are a great way to provide some extra variety and motivation. There are programs such as rolling hills and fat burn which increase and decrease the speed and sometimes the incline of the treadmill to provide a varied and motivating workout.

Most treadmills fitness equipment allows you to adjust the incline of the running deck; cheaper treadmills generally have manual incline adjustment. Meaning that you have to dismount the treadmill and change the incline manually. Many mid and high end treadmills, have an automatic incline, adjustable from the console. Increasing the incline intensifies and varies your workout and most treadmills allow between 10-15% incline.

Choosing the correct treadmill fitness equipment to maintain your fitness level is very essential and hence we have outlined a few essential tips to bear in mind when finding the right model to meet your needs.


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