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The desire to keep fit takes one to sports. Once you begin to dabble in sports, you start to understand the requirement of accessories. As you become increasingly proficient in sport of your choice, you start learning how accessories can help you get even better. It could be better sports shoes, wrist bands, head bands, weight gloves or swimming glasses. All accessories help you get better. This phenomenon is not limited to just sports. When you buy a home theatre system or an automobile, you discover a whole lot of goods add value to your product.

This is true in case of treadmills as well. Like any other sporting equipment, a treadmill is fitness equipment that works much better with accessories like treadmill mats. Use of treadmill mat gives better support to treadmill so that it lasts long and provides you with exercise environment in a suitable manner. When you buy an automobile, you take pains to find out what kind of wheel caps or stereo system will provide you with an overall increase in driving pleasure. When you plan to buy a treadmill, you must do complete research regarding what kind of mat is required.

Accessories that come with a particular machine or equipment might vary in their type and purpose. For your latest mobile phone, you might want snazzy face plates, whereas for your laptop or desktop computer, you might want different types of accessories. These accessories are intended to provide extra value and appeal to particular equipment. Another class of accessories provides protection to your costly equipment. Just like an SMPS provides protection to the internals of your computer, a treadmill mat provides extra protection to the treadmill itself.

Role of a Treadmill Mat

It is essential that before you buy something, you must be convinced of its utility. Before you buy a treadmill mat, you must know why it is required for a treadmill. To answer that question, let us first understand how a treadmill works. A mechanised treadmill consists of a motorized belt mounted on springs and torsion joints. Motor can be used to increase or decrease the speed at which the belt rotates. A person running on top of this belt can easily adjust the speed using controls available on hand grips. Due to its easy usability and customisation, a treadmill is preferred fitness equipment.

Once the belt starts rotating due to the acceleration provided by the motor, it experiences vibration. At lesser speeds, this vibration is quite negligible. As the speed is increased, the machine begins to rock and oscillate. This increases the vibration level. If the machine is placed on a bare floor, this vibration will be greatly exaggerated. If you use a treadmill under such circumstances, it will be like running in an earthquake hit which brings severe pressure on joints. This vibration is accompanied by a jarring noise which causes discomfort. Under such circumstances, running on a treadmill can actually be counter-productive.

This situation is avoided by using a treadmill mat. When placed under a treadmill, the mat will provide cushioning effect and reduce the vibration as well as noise. Only noise you have to confront in this case is the whine of the motor which can be easily drowned in the music. As you will realize, by investing in a treadmill mat, you are avoiding large expenses that could occur due to frequent breakdowns.

When working without a mat, excessive vibration can put heavy load on the motor causing it to break down. Vibration can also tear the running belt leading to frequent maintenance and repair routines. This translates to increased expenditure which can be easily offset by one time investment in a treadmill mat. Apart from protecting the machine from possible damages, the treadmill mat will also lighten the effect of the machine on the ground, which is caused by unmanageable vibration.

Imagine you just bought a sparkling new treadmill and installed it in your home gym done up with a plush flooring. In the absence of a mat, you will damage the treadmill, as well as the flooring. This is a highly avoidable scenario. Buying a treadmill mat is never an extravaganza, but is rather a necessity to protect the treadmill machine and your expensive flooring as well.


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