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Making a decision to start a fitness programme is the first step you take before you begin the journey to actually achieve your goal. After you make up your mind, you need to define the approach you are going to take. It could be plain weight loss program with diet control. Or it could be weight loss program with exercise regimen. The best bet is to combine both alternatives for a faster and healthier approach.

Most experts agree that treadmill is an essential tool for weight loss if you choose exercise schedule. You could choose a manual treadmill or mechanised treadmill. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Manual treadmill needs more physical effort as compared to mechanised treadmill. On the other hand, mechanised treadmill provides more options like speed control, incline control and pulse monitoring. You could go to a gym or build your home gym for your fitness requirements. A treadmill forms a central part of a home gym. When you start planning purchases for your home gym, you need to find out what type of treadmill will be most suited for your home gym. This is where treadmill ratings play an important part.

There are a number of sites that preview available treadmills and give them ratings based on performance. This rating is decided on a number of factors like cost, build quality, durability, quality of fittings, warranty availability and load rating. These ratings will help you decide what treadmill is optimum for your requirements in a given budget.

Treadmill Ratings on Websites

In this article, we tell you about some websites that provide treadmill ratings for various brands and types.


A comprehensive site when it comes to rating treadmills that provide you value for money. Various segments on this site provide you an insight into various models ranging from $500 to $1000. If your budget is within this limit, then this site will provide you with in depth analysis. Each segment previews four different machines giving them ratings of best and runners up. With this feature, it is easy to decide what you want. Site is nicely laid out and is easy to navigate. The criterion chosen for rating a treadmill range from durability to noise level, power efficiency and shock absorbing ability.

Prevention Magazine

This website provides treadmill ratings in PDF format so that you can save it on your computer for later use. This rating and review is available here. The review team has gone through elimination process. A total eighteen models were reviewed before final seven were shortlisted. Features used for review stay common in most cases and offer sub categories like "Best buy for your buck" or "A dream machine". These help you shortlist your choice quite easily.

Treadmill Rating and Reviews

Devoted solely to treadmill ratings, this site provides in depth analysis, expert reviews and consumer feedback on a wide variety of treadmills. If you know about certain brand names or manufacturers, you can search for them by name. If you are not aware of such details, you can leave it to experts by going through "Best Buy Treadmills" section. The site provides enough tips and guides to new users to dispel any doubts about buying a new treadmill. The site can be reached here.

Treadmills - 101.com

Though not as extensive as many other sites, this site does provide plenty of information on a model of your choice in terms of price, ergonomics, power efficiency and other salient features. Top ten treadmills are chosen on a regular basis and are shored up with explanations for counting them in top ten. This site can be reached here.


Got an opinion on a treadmill and want to share it with others? Epinion.com is one such place that provides you with an online platform to share your views and reviews. Do not expect any expert writings in these views as these are written by lay users. It can be handy though as the reviews are written by people facing common problems. The site has a huge database of about three hundred treadmills that have been reviewed by users over a period of time. The site can be reached here.


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